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King Solomon's Mines are Full of Zombies!

Mock presentation to show expectations of student lead class discussions.

Ben Villarreal

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of King Solomon's Mines are Full of Zombies!

King Solomon's Mines
are Full of Zombies!

The purpose of these class presentations is to learn and show the class how one of our texts relates to an another piece of Pop Cu ture.
Everything from books to movies, video games to awesome toys.
You're also encouraged to use whatever mediums you feel comfortable with during presentation
Which is what this presentation was made with. It's super simple!
So without further ado, I give you...
As we said in class, King Solomon's Mines falls into the 19th century genre of The Adventure Story for Boys, which included
travel, horror, exotic women, and treasure!
This genre is often thought to be dead, but if we take those features, we can apply them to many modern day video games like
AND Resident Evil 5 not only has all the features, but it follows the plot of Sir Haggard's novel almost exactly!
/ travels to Africa in search of a missing friend.
Along the way, / decides to help out. They discover a lost civilization, with tons of treasure!
But it's controlled by the evil / .
Little does she know, / has secretly returned from exile to reclaim their homeland!
The End!
King Solomon's Mines and Resident Evil 5 share something else...
Allegations of Racism!
Haggard may not have been considered racist in his day, but it's no surprise that his "children's book" is never read in school anymore.
Video games are often viewed as toys for kids. So when the first trailer for the game debuted, it's no surprise it was met with mixed feelings...
Sure, fanboys in the audience are cheering. So why would this incite controversy?
Can we see why no one reads Haggard anymore?
Except with zombies...
Disclaimer: This is a huge simplification of this issue! But it gives you a basic idea of how popular culture can change our opinions toward an idea over time, even when confronting that idea in a familiar background.
After the trailer fiasco, the game underwent changes to curtail the racism accusations.
was added to the game, suggesting that if an African sidekick was killing African zombies, it wasn't racism...?
Extra Credit:
In the end, most gamers took the same approach to RE5 that our class took to Haggard: he didn't know any better...
But is this a good excuse?
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