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A senior operating system

When a lot of older people use computers, they don't want to do everything that we do with them. They want to email family, play games, surf the web and find programs that apply to them. Why not make them their own operating system.

Adam B

on 25 June 2010

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Transcript of A senior operating system

In America, the highest rate of suicide is in males over the age of 75. Obviously, this is a bad thing. But how do you think you would feel if spent as much time alone as some old people do? You'd probably go on the internet and send an email to a friend. But computers can be complicated and not all old people
want to learn new things Especially not when they look like this: Start Desktop, My Computer, My Documents, Microsoft Office, Paint, Calculator, Antivirus Just press the control key grandma.
Now press v. Then click F1. No, not F and then 1. Nevermind, I'll fix it when I'm next over. Would it be nice if it looked like this instead: Email Health advice Games Helpful programs And that was it. And each of those were easy to use as well? Email would just show you what you want to see. It would be easy to email your favourite people. Useful programs would have things designed for the specific users. If we could make people feel less alone? If you agree then why not let me know by voting. Because the more people who agree, the better the chance of something changing. Simple. No, now press back Wouldn't it be nice Simple
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