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short story Raymond's Run

No description

Hayley Risk

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of short story Raymond's Run

Raymonds run: Toni Cade Bambara By: Hayley Risk Theme Exposition Setting Falling action Climax/turning point Rising action Resolution/conclusion - Everyone is capable of being succsessful
even when faced with great challenges

- Treat every one with respect no matter the
circumstances -Squeaky is 10 year old girl who loves to run

- from Harlem New York

-she has "Skinny arms and a squeaky
voice...pg 29"

- her only responsibility is to take care of her mentally disabled brother _ Raymonds run is set in the 1950-1960's
in Harlem New York"... when she first moved to Harlem from Baltimore, pg 31."

- Also set in the park durring the Mayday races - Squeaky and Raymond are walking down the street and they see Gretchen and her friends

- They get into a small fight over who will win the may day race,"I don't think you're going to win this time. said Rosie pg 32"

- squeaky ends the fight and every one walks away

- Squeaky gets to the mayday races _ squeaky wins her race

- She starts to plan how she will help Raymond train _Squeaky sees Raymond running along the fence with her "...and it's the first time i ever saw that i almost stopped to watch my brother Raymond on his first run pg 36."

- squeaky realizes she could help her brother train to be a great runner "it occures to me... Raymond could be a very fine runner pg37."
- Squeaky shares a genuine smile with

- She begins to realize she can let her gaurd down and be friends with other girls P.O.V 1St person "I dont have much to do
around the house..., pg 29" Author info. _ Toni Cade Bambara grew up in New York City
-She loved the energy and life in the city
-Bambara credits her mother as her inspiration to write
_ typically writes short stories because it keeps peoples attention Video clip Pictures Charles- other main character Charles is squeaky's brother

He is mentally disabled

He is taken care of by Squeky

He could possibly be a very good runner Conflict Person vs person- Gretchen and her friends vs Squeaky

Person vs Society- Raymond vs peoples views of him
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