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Copy of Introduction to Poetry

Demonstration Lesson - Great Valley Middle School

Wendy Nugent

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Poetry

Mrs. W. Nugent Poetry? EEEK! To thoughtfully evaluate alternative perspectives on poetry and integrate these distinctions into your current impressions of the genre. Today's Objective: CC.1.5.8.C - Delineate a speaker’s argument and specific claims, evaluating the soundness of the reasoning and the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence. Spend 2 minutes brainstorming
any words or phrases that
you relate to the prompt:

"Poetry is..." Brainstorm: In the next 30 seconds, choose 5-10 of the most important ideas that you brainstormed and put a star next to each. Time's Up! Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you, then I know you
Won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead... Have you heard
this "poem" before? Two all beef patties
special sauce, lettuce, cheese
pickles, onions
on a sesame seed bun How about this one? We will be studying poetry in various forms,
therefore it is important to understand and remember
that poetry is not a “one-size-fits-all” concept.
For every poem or type of poetry that you may not enjoy,
there are countless other selections open for you to explore. Poetry is complex and dynamic The study of poetry is more than reading
a “boring” poem from an old textbook.

It is more than William Shakespeare or
a Shel Silverstein poem from
Where the Sidewalk Ends. Poetry is... Working with your seat partner, try to identify
some of poetic devices within the first few verses
of the song "Firework" by Katy Perry.

The poetic devices you are looking for are
labeled for you on your song sheet.

Circle or underline each item as depicted on the sheet. Music as Poetry Please find the poem taped to the bottom of your chair.

Read it carefully

Answer each of the questions on the back in short answer format.

Please hand it to me as you exit the classroom. Exit Slips! Have a fabulous day!
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