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Georgi G

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of aviation

how does a plane take off
how do such heavy planes stay in the air?
Air Flow
When the plane is in the air it relies on the forces and airflow. Air flow is basically wind blowing past the plane and keeping the plane up. To make sure plane stay up the wings must be symmetrical and must be slightly slanted. the wings must be slanted so the wind can flow past them correctly. the wings must be symetrial for the air flow our eles one will create drag and the plane will not be abl to fly and the plane will be cripled.
#2 how do such heavy planes stay in the air?
just like planes there is not only one kind of plane engiens.The two main kinds of plane engines are propeller and jet engine. We will be focusing on the propeller engine at the moment.
helllo my name is georgi and this is william.
in this presentation we will share with you a little bit about our passion of Aviation which is also known as an operating aircraft or plane
part two/jet engine
so how do planes function?
part one/ forces
#1 how do plane engines work?
part one/ propeller engines
part two/airflow
how do plane engines function?
The diferent parts of this engine are the
engine ,propeller, fusaloge and the nose .
With these parts the plane can work
but can not get of the ground it needs
more. The propeller lifts the plane with help from its symmetric wings and newtons bernuilles Principal and that creates lift. The propeller will need
the engine to spin.
How does a plane
Fun Facts!!
-the first plane to lift off was made by the wright brothers which was called the kitty hawk
the different parts of a engine are shown above
these parts work together to create lift by the engine blowing air out of it.
lift overcomes the planes weight and keeps the plane in the air. if weight is greater then lift the plane will accelerate downwards
thrust keeps the plane moving at high speeds. If drag overcomes thrust the plane will start moving very fast and out of control
Drag slows the plane down so it doesn't reach speeds that the plane can't handle. If the plane reaches dangerously high speed it is very difficult to get back in control.
weight keeps the plane balanced while in flight. So for the plane to glide through the air you need to place just enough weight for it to stay balanced. That is why when your in the airport traveling somewhere they have a limit to how much your baggage can weight
inside the engine these parts do there jobs fore example the spark of the combustor lites the mixture. another way to show this is the fan creates stronger air flow helping to make thrust.
So for the plane to function correctly all of the four forces need to be equal
for an airplane to take off it needs alot of speed. also you need a flat surface for the wheels so they dont lose control.You need a certain wing form to stay steddy. the wings have to be slightly tilted and symetrical. the wings have to be slightly tilted for them to catch air and take off.the wings also have small flaps the flaps are like an extra helping pair of wings to catch more air. .but if you don't have flaps it will be harder to lift off and you will need to make many other things stronger such as the acceleration of the wheels and a bigger run way to lift off.
in conclosion aviation was our topic our pasion and that is all for our presintation thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed and learned some more about our passion of aviation
to lift off a plane needs speed to help lift the plane of the ground but the plane still needs semetrical wings to help with air flow wich it needs to lift of. Also to get the speed it needs the plane uses the engein and it exelerates to the speed it needs to take off. The last thing a plane needs to take of is the four forces that we previusly talked about lift, thrust, drag and wieght with all of the speed weight thrust ext a plane can get of the ground and begin there flight.
-the largest passenger plane is the Airbus A380
-only 5% of the worlds population have traveled by plane
-The Russian Antonov AN-225 cargo jet is the largest plane in the world and almost the size of a football field
-Sydney to Dallas on Qantas A380 is the world’s longest flight by distance.
take off
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