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Touching Spirit Bear ABC Book

No description

Preston Williams

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear ABC Book

Cole's anger controls his actions throughout the first part of the book.
Cole betrays Garvey and Edwin when he burns the shelter down because they had trusted him.
Cole finds that the secret to being invisible is staying calm and clearing his mind.

After Cole touches the Spirit Bear, he is determined to not lie.
When Cole goes to the island the second time he is very eager to heal.
Cole learns that the secret to healing is forgiveness.
Garvey has helped Cole through his whole journey of healing and is also trying to heal himself.
Circle Justice is meant to heal people, not punish them.
Cole's actions and thoughts in the beginning of the story are very impulsive and are mostly controlled by anger.
After Peter gets beat up by Cole, Peter is very jittery around Cole and is very afraid of him.
Edwin and Garvey have a lot of knowledge about healing through Circle Justice, as the story goes on you can see Coles knowledge increases dramatically.
On Cole's second trip to the island he does a lot of work everyday for about a week, without anyone's help.
Edwin and Garvey's ways of teaching and ways of healing are very Native.
In the beginning of the story Cole thought that Edwin and Garvey's ways of teaching were very odd and "stupid".
Peter is the boy that that Cole beat up because he told the police about what Cole did.
R- Rebellious
Cole was very rebellious before Circle Justice, he had been in and out of many detention centers and was always getting into trouble.
The at.oow that Garvey gave to Cole symbolizes him trusting Cole.
S-Spirit Bear

The reason that Cole changed so much on the island was because of his encounter with the Spirit Bear and is shocked that it was not scared of him.
Before Cole's healing he had a very violent personality. Even the way he talked to people was violent.
Cole's broken body needed an x-ray to look at the damage that the Spirit Bear did.
Cole yearned for a change in his life and for his own ways to change.
Z-Zoned out
Cole zones out many times after he is attacked by the Spirit Bear.
"Rage controlled Cole's hand as he drew back...and then flipped the lighted match inside the shelter."(pg. 25)
"He had wanted revenge but felt little joy from this act."(pg. 26)
"To be invisible he had to clear his mind. That was the secret."(pg. 189)
"Today things would change. From now on he would speak the truth, even if it meant going to jail."(pg. 110)
'"Circle Justice tries to heal not punish,''Garvey explained."'(pg. 11)
"This forgiveness isn't for you. Until Peter forgives you, he won't heal"(pg. 32)
"'Then you need to help someone else."
"Is that why you and Garvey have helped me so much?" Edwin nodded,..."'(pg 196)
"When Peter turned and saw Cole approaching, he turned away."(pg. 216)
"His rage ignited. Cole jumped to his feet an stormed across the cell. He tipped over the metal-framed bed and started hitting the wall harder and harder."(pg. 22)
"He was starved and felt half dead as he built up the fire and dug out spaghetti noodles and a can of sauce."(pg. 149)
Cole gave meager amounts of effort to change his ways on his first trip to the island.
"There's not enough room on this island for both you and your attitude."(pg. 160)
"'I'm a native Tlingit," he said. "I was raised in Southeast Alaska. It is possible I could make arrangements to have Cole banished to a remote island on the Inland Passage."'(pg.55)
"He would rather die than spend a single night in their dumb hut, playing their stupid game."(pg. 24)
"With anger that had been brewing all day, he attacked him and started hitting him in the face with his bare fists."(pg. 7)
"Already he had seen the inside of a dozen police stations, been through as many counselors, a psychologist, several detentions centers, and two residential treatment centers."(pg. 6)
"If you accept this at.oow from me, you must promise to care for it and someday pass it on to someone else you trust."(pg. 19)
Once Cole learns how to heal Peter he becomes very understanding of him and wants to help him.
"After Edwin left, Cole couldn't stop thinking about Peter."(pg. 200)
"'You maggot!"Cole yelled, leaping to his feet. "I'll kill you!"(pg. 59)
Wisdom is a trait of Edwin, even when he talks his wisdom shows.
"Everybody carries anger inside. But also happiness. Those who focus on anger will always be angry. Those who focus on happiness will-"(pg. 144)
"As the skiff circled the point into the bay, Cole felt a rush of excitement."(pg. 134)
"...then once more he lost consciousness."(pg. 78)
"In the past, everything had always been afraid of me. Why wasn't the bear scared?"(pg. 81)
"If he wanted to escape, now would be the perfect time. He shook his head. This time he would stay."(pg. 136)
Cole learns another way to control his anger, he can sit alone and read quietly, he feels calm whenever he does.
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