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Basic Writing: Cause and Effect

Basic Writing

Katie Friedman

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Basic Writing: Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Essay
Constructing the Thesis
The thesis statement should focus on either the causes or the effects, but not both. You may offer your opinion in the thesis statement.
(if talking about causes of student stress)
i. Write the first half of the essay discussing the reasons for increased stress in student’s lives, and the second half talking about the increase in stress-related disorders.
ii. Use individual examples where increased stress lead to stress related disorders as examples to prove your point.
A cause and effect essay is an essay that distinguishes the connections between a certain event and what has caused it. It is the exploration of the reasons why something happened and the results.

This type of essay may include both cause and effect, but usually only focuses on one.
How to Construct a Proper Cause and Effect Essay
Example Thesis
a) The main causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace are caused by low wages, sexual harassment, and boredom.
b) The beneficial effects of the school's annual canoe trip include reduced stress, increased fitness, and improved relationships with peers.
When Writing the Essay, Remember:
1. The order of the causes/effects you are writing about? (i.e. the least important to the most important, or vice versa.)
2. Not to use faulty logic. Make sure that there is an actual link between the causes and effects.
3. Fully support all your statements. Back up main points with examples and facts
4. Conclude by re-emphasizing your main pointa
Types of Cause and Effect Essays
1. First type assumes that the effect is obvious and direct, but the cause is what needs to be focused on and elaborated.

2. Second type assumes that the cause is obvious and direct, but the effect is what needs to be focused on and elaborated.
Example Essay Outline
If discussing air pollution in Canada
Possible causes include:
1) Exhaust from automobiles
2) Smoke from factories

Possible Effects:
1) asthma
2) poor sight
3) destruction of wildlife
Example Essay
Essay and Questions in your textbook:
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