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Science - Grade 2 - ICE AGE!!

Reading a science article from National Geographic about Wrangel Island got me and a few of my classmates thinking about the Ice Age and how it could be taught to children in a fun and interactive way.

Collette Garland

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Science - Grade 2 - ICE AGE!!

What is incorporated
into an Ice Age?
Grade 2! Earlier Primary Grades Later Primary/Elementary Grades Related Subjects Everyday Science Animals Environment Weather Recreation Explorers doomed mythic land fantastical illusions Woolly Mammoths Polar Bears Arctic Foxes Reindeer Walruses Sustainable No Plant Life Pleistocene Epoch Ancient Biodiversity Snow Wind Ice Making Houses Forging Weapons Hunting Kindergarten Grade One Observing Living and
Nonliving Things Characteristics of
Living Things A Closer Look
at Animals Using Things Around Us A Look at Soil Animal Homes Compare and describe
components of familiar objects Identify materials
through our senses Observe objects made from materials,
describe similarities and differences Observe different forms materials can make,
note similarities and differences Grade 3 Grade 4 Types of plants and/or animals Predict how the removal of a plant or
animal affects the rest of the community Describe effects of wind, water
and ice on the landscape Describe methods of
weathering and erosion Describe natural phenomena that cause
rapid and significant changes to the landscape Identify parts of plants and
their general function Describe plants importance
to environment Identify life needs of a plant,
describe conditions it needs to survive Social Studies
-map reading
-politics Music
-create an Ice Age song Language Arts
- Ice Age movie
- read Ice Age book Drama
- skit about animals
and interactions in ice age History
-Eras Dawn Squires
Chanelle Cluett
Cathy Tw
Lauren Cheeseman
Collette Garland
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