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Ashley´s Timeline

No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Ashley´s Timeline

Ashley´s Timeline

I was born in May 19, 2006. I was born in a hospital called 'Long Beach Memorial Hospital' in Long Beach in Los Angeles. I spent my first few months as a baby in Los Angeles but then in August of 2006 I moved here to San Diego ,exactly the same year I was born in.
My First Step
My parents would hold my hands and walk with me when I was a little girl but finally in March 19, 2007 I took my first step on my own, without any help from my parents. I was in my backyard when I took my first step. This picture was not taken when I took my first step but it was taken very close to when I took my first step. I was about 1 years old when it happened.
When I Was Baptized
I was baptized in June 9, 2007. I don't remember much about it because I was very little when I was baptized, only 1 year old and a few months and I was baptized very close to when I took my first step, but here are some things. My uncle Alfredo and my aunt Yadi were chosen to be my godfather and godmother. In this picture, I am being held by my aunt Yadi and I am ready to be baptized.
Lost My First Tooth
I lost my first tooth in September 15, 2010. I was around 4 years old when I lost my first tooth. It was already very loose and it was bothering me so my mom decided to help me out a bit by wiggling it a bit and then finally, yanking it out. My parents had told me stories about the Tooth Fairy, so that night I put my tooth under my pillow and I awoke the next day to find $3 in the place of my tooth.
My Kindergarten Graduation
I had my kindergarten graduation in June 2012. I was around 6 years old. In this picture I am with my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hardwick. It was hard to let go of Kindergarten but also exciting because I was going to enter first grade.
My first time going to Tennessee to visit my family
I went to Tennessee to visit my family for the first time, around the summertime, in July 2015. I went to Nashville, Tennessee where my family lives. I took a plane to Tennessee and it was actually my first time in a plane and I felt pretty nervous, but I ended up very happy because it turned out that one of my favorite music groups was on the exact same plane I was on and at the airport I got to take a picture with them. My experience in Tennessee was pretty fun and I got to go to many places with my family in Nashville. I enjoyed being there very much.
My first time on a boat (and going whale watching)
My first time going on a boat was actually on the first time that I went whale watching too. I was on a school field trip with my grade. The boat I went on was the 'Oceanside 95'. I was feeling very nervous and I thought I was going to get sea sick on the boat. I tried to avoid eating anything but I was getting very hungry so I bought a snack in the snack shack that was on the boat just to calm the hunger a little bit. Eventually, I started to enjoy the time I spent on the boat and I got to see whales, seals, and, sea lions (unfortunately not dolphins but I did hear that some people did). My mom and I took many pictures. I was very happy and also very relieved because I didn't get sea sick.
In this picture I am on the boat with my friends and I am trying to spot a whale.
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