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breann's odyssey timeline

No description

Breann Bruschke

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of breann's odyssey timeline

The Adventures of Odyssey Timeline 1 Troy The Greeks tried to get Helen back and the Greeks and the Trojans had a war that lasted 10 years. This is where the story begins. 3 2 4 5 Lotus Eater Island The men of Odysseus ate these magical flower that make them lose their memory, and they become very tired. Cicones: The Land Where Odyssey Learned
Battle Can Come Any Day The Greeks plundered the city of Ismarus, stealing treasure and supplies of water, food, and wine for their voyage home. While they were drunk the Cicones people attacked. The Land of the Cyclops 6 7 9 8 10 11 12 13 14 A couple of Odysseus men went into the caves of the Cyclops, a one eyed beast-man. He trapped them inside this cave, so that night after sharpening a long knife they stuck it into the Cyclops one eye while he was sleeping. This made it impossible to see for the one eyed beast. That didn't help much because they still needed to escape, so they hid under the sheep's belly and when the Cyclops let the sheep out they were out to. The Island Where Wind Lives The next stop was a small island ruled by King Aeolus, god of the winds. He welcomed them very kindly and that night they had a wonderful meal and told stories. When they were leaving the king gave Odysseus a leather bag of wind to only use in case of trouble. When he was turned around his greedy crew opened the bag sending them back to Aeolus Island where the king refused to help. They left again in anger and met king Antiphates, a man eating giant, who ate one of Odysseus's men. The Land of Circe, a Wicked Sorceress As the crew and Odysseus sailed on they came to an island, the island of Circe. She was very nice in welcoming some of Odysseus's people by giving them a wonderful meal. Once they were done she cast a spell on them turning them into pigs. When one of the men, Eurylochus, saw this he ran to Odysseus. When he heard of this he ran. On his way he meet Hermes, a messenger of the gods, the god gave him a way to protect himself. After all the fighting Circe agreed to turn Odysseus's men back to humans. The Underworld, The Land of the Dead When Odysseus was leaving Circe told him to visit the Underworld to ask Tiresias, a dead prophet, how to get home. He followed her instructions. When he got to the Underworld Tiresias and a few other spirits, including his mother, told him he was going to face trouble from people including a man named Poseidon and beasts like no other. The Laestrygonians The angry Laestrygonians pursued Odysseus's men as they fled back to their ships. The giants hurled boulders and spears at the crew. All ships were sunk except Odysseus's. Sirens, Loud Singing Bird People Scylla and Charybdis The Cattle of the Sun God Following Circe's advice, Odysseus filled his men's ears with wax so that they couldn't hear. Odysseus did not want to plug his ears because he wanted to hear the Sirens, but because their singing was so beautiful he had to be tied to a mask. Before they knew it they couldn't hear a thing. Home to Ithaca Circe was overjoyed when Odysseus returned from the Underworld. She wanted to help him get home so she gave him instructions on how to get past the Sirens, part bird part women. Circe Again Odysseus and his crew arrived at a narrow channel between steep cliffs. On one side lurked the treacherous Charybdis. On the other was a six-headed monster Scylla. Remembering the advice of Circe he stayed closer to Scylla. Before he knew it six of his men were gone. Odysseus had not wanted to land on the Sun God's island, but his men were exhausted and begged for rest. They promised they wouldn't harm the cattle, but just like on Aeolus Island they disobeyed and they died. Calypso and Nausicaa Odysseus and only Odysseus washed up on the island of the nymph Calypso. At this point he was not happy, but he was glad to rest. Though Calypso wanted to keep him forever. Feeling sorry for the hero, the gods sent hermes again. Hermes persuaded her and she agreed he could go. While was sailing on his raft made by Calypso Poseidon threw a storm on Odysseus destroying his raft. He was tossed in storms until he landed on Phaeacians. Here a Princess Nausicaa and the King helped him once again set sail for home. We awake on , not knowing where he was. The goddess Athena told he was home, but sadly he could not be Odysseus anymore because bad stuff was happening. She put a spell on him making him change into a beggar. Then she told him to go to his friend Eumaeus. This where the story ends.
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