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Google's business model, strategies, challenges, future trends and our team's recommendations are discussed in this project

Eyad Al-Naqi

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Google

What products does Google actually make?
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Google Through the Years
Google's Business Model
Google Search, Google Scholar, AdSense, AdWords, Google Apps
Operating systems
Android, Chrome OS
Google Earth, Google Toolbar, Google Web Designer
Google Calendar, Google Wallet, Drive, Google Translate
Nexus, Google TV, Google Glass
Google Fiber, Google Public DNS
Group 1
Thursday, February 26, 2015
TSMG 5340
Google Through the Years

Google's Business Model

Issues & Challenges

Future Technologies & Today's Situation

What have changed Google forever?
Major Events & Milestones
1996 Invention of PageRank
2000 Launch of AdWords with only 350 customers
2004 IPO with a share price of $85 (total sale of $1.67 billion)
2006 YouTube acquisition
2007 Gmail became available for public
2007 Acquisition of DoubleClick
2008 First Android mobile phone was released by T-Mobile
2010 First mobile phone of Google (Nexus) was released

TSMG 5340
How does Google make money?
Google's Business Model
15 Years in 5 Minutes
.... Online Advertising!
Google generates over 96% of its revenues from advertising and this has remained true for last several years.
Web-based Products
Issues & Challenges
Google has +100 web-based products!
Google Search
Issues & Challenges
1 Trillion+ Sites Indexed
The Most Relevant Sites
Variety of File Formats
Google Popularity
Integration with products

Competitors are not sleeping
Issues & Challenges
US Market Share
Q4 2014
But not so good in specific local markets
Competitors are not sleeping
Issues & Challenges
YouTube world market share at the end of 2014 was 56%
BUT today YouTube market share is declining
US Market Share
Google Chrome
Issues & Challenges
Issues & Challenges
Issues & Challenges
Updates & Security

Losing the enterprise battle

Android users don’t want to spend money
Project Loon
Future Technologies
Idea accepted in 2008, but announced in 2013
Flying routers
Installation at 20 km/s
3G speeds
Internet access to remote areas and countries which have low funds to switch to fiber optics

Google Glass
Future Technologies
OHMD technology
Hands free smartphone
Prototype launched in 2014
Project discontinued in 2015 and still under research
Outstanding features on a miniature scale
Self-Driving Car
Future Technologies
Research started in 2009
Toyota and Audi are partners
3G imaging with inch precision
Commercialized by 2020
Google wont make such cars but will provide automation with artificial intelligence to automobile industry
Google Contact Lens
Future Technologies
Attempt to enter medical market
Announced in 2014
Boon for diabetic patients
Micro scale sensors and antennas
Report on android phone
Per second computing speed
Automated Home
Future Technologies
Most awaiting project
Based on android
Open wireless protocol
LED’s that support this platform have been developed
HP is already working on it but google has bigger advantage.
How well Google is doing today?
Today's Situation
According to fourth quarter analysis

Gross revenue is $18.1 billion (15% growth).
Earning per share is $6.88.
Google sites revenue is $12.5 billion (18% growth).
Google networks revenue is $3.72 billion (6% growth).
Google enterprise business revenue is $1.95 billion (19% growth).

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Brand name: "Google it"

Advertising Platform
"Essential Everyday"
Strong list of assets:
Land & property: US$6.25 billion
Cash Hoard: US$50 billion
"Painful experiment into the world of mobile hardware"

Ad-based revenue
Mobile Ads
Driverless cars
Google fiber
Ad Revenues
Issues & Challenges
Ad Revenues
Issues & Challenges
Decrease in Desktop Search
Issues & Challenges
Google's bigger problem, relies on advertising for 90% of its revenues.
Facebook controls 68 percent of the $16 billion in ad spending on U.S. social networks
Google in China
Issues & Challenges
No More Google in China!
Issues & Challenges
Gmail, is NOT available to mainland China
Google is also trying to win the right to continue offering its Google Maps service in China without handing over its source code to the Chinese government
Google lost 41% of its market to Baidu

Google's Public Image
Issues & Challenges
Where there’s a perception problem, there’s also a reality problem.
Google has failed to win over consumers.
Fix Google’s Public Image Problems !!!

How many products of Google can you name in 1 minute?
Cash Hoard
Google's working environment
Social Media
Stock Valuation
Google fiber
(Infrastructure or Platform)

Driverless Car - Concept:
"yay or nay"
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