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Honda Marketing Strategy

In Vietnam

My Linh Nguyen

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Honda Marketing Strategy

Table of Content Place A lot of branches in all 64 cties and provinces. Products Price List of Honda products range in 2011 Marketing Plan Honda Motorbikes in Vietnam Variety Products Developing Product's Quality Global Standard.
- The strong and persistance of engine
- Low watse fuels
-Attention to protect environmetn
The company commit friendly environment product. Designs Promotion slogan: "savety, environment and social activities"
in "Toi yeu Vietnam" strategy. Advertising Public Relation Sale Promotion Short term promotion campaign
Encourage repeat buying
Motivate the staffs Honda sale promotion help
Merchandise new products
A mean of attracting new customers ADVERTISMENT Advertising in newspapers
and magazines Advertising online Advertising on TV and radio Banners, posters on the stress PROMOTION For super class EVENT BUDGET ACTION PROGRAMS For middle class For lower class launching programs and test products Gameshows on TV Countdown 2014 Supporting education Charity Threats and Opportunities Analysis Opportunities Objectives Stable market share Reputation Early pioneer Consistent demand Automobiles are primary vehicle in Vietnam Cheap labor cost Construction of plants in Vietnam hiring local employees Threat Threats (cont) Objectives and issues Objectives Issues Marketing Strategy Prepared by : Nguyen Hoang My Linh
Nguyen Thi Thu Hang
Bui Ngoc Quynh
Tran Thuy Linh
Tran Tri Dung Instructor: Dr. Pham Thi Lien The 4 Ps MASLOW’S PYRAMID OF HUMAN NEEDS Controls Closely monitor quality Customer Satisfaction Closely monitor quality
Honda offers a training curriculum divided into four courses. 2 types of customers Executive Summary Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The establishment of Honda Vietnam, which is a joint venture between Honda Group and a state-run company (Vietnam Engine & Agricultural Machinery Corp).
The first bike to be produced is the Super Dream. Currently, there are more than 21 million circulated motorbikes, counting for 4 Vietnamese persons per motorbike on average with some popular trade names such as Honda, Yamaha, SYM, and Suzuki …, which meets about 90% traveling demand of Vietnamese.
Honda’s two factories produce in total of 1.5 million bikes per year making Honda Vietnam one of the biggest bike factories in the region. Motorcycle producer Honda Vietnam still set a record high sales target of 2.3 million motorcycles during 2012 despite the current sluggish market caused by economic difficulties accounting for a market share of 61% among five foreign-invested motorcycle producers in Vietnam, the others being Yamaha and Suzuki from Japan, SYM from Taiwan and Piaggio from Italy. Currently Marketing Situation Honda is dominating the Vietnamese market by a large margin. With the release of additional SH Mode scooter models, and new SH Honda is winning greater market share in the Vietnam market. "I love Vietnam" slogan on the helmet, on the panel, posters since the day VN yet required mandatory helmet on the roads, to the education show of traffic safety on the television, tothe epic music show.

Honda is building up an image, a model which penetrating the Vietnamese people’s soul, and gradually Honda is integrated and intertwined with the people the country to become a Honda of Vietnam. Honda cover all of the market segment from low class to high class. Thus, in terms of richness in its products, Honda is clearly shown exceptional representation in all segments. With its broad coverage, Honda is crowned the supreme scooter maker in Vietnam come at no surprise. 1. Customer Feedback

2. Customer Service Customer Satisfaction
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