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Printmaking Unit Introduction

No description

Christine Gerace

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Printmaking Unit Introduction

Printmaking Unit
Main Idea
Printmaking Unit Introduction
Idea 2

Printmaking Unit
Day One

Today we will learn about:

Positive and Negative Space


Contour Line Drawings

Please pay close attention to the presentation.
Do not talk during the presentation unless you are answering questions.

You will answer questions on worksheet #1 during the presentation. You may use a pen or pencil.

You will need a pencil and your clip art to complete worksheet #2. So I hope you did your homework!!

Remember to write your name on each worksheet!

Artists talk about space
in two different ways:





*Is space an element
or a principle of art?
Positive space is the
space that an object
(the subject)
in an artwork.

In the left picture below, the positive space is the area that the bottles take up.

What do you think is the positive space in the picture on the right?

Printmaking Unit

Today we will:
Negative space is the
empty space
surrounding the principle
in an artwork

You can create a more
drawing by
playing with the positive
and negative space.

Negative space drawings
have the
main subject
white and the background
This picture also focuses only on the outer contour of the object.

There are no details shown. No separation between the seat and the legs, etc.

Would commonly be called a postive or negative space drawing?

Which is a more positive space drawing?

Which is a more negative space drawing?

Positive Space Drawing

Negative Space Drawing

Is this a
Positive Space Drawing
Negative Space Drawing?
*Trick question!
It depends on what you want to see!

*If you think you should see two faces, then it would be a _______ space drawing.

*If you think you should see a vase, it would be a _______ space drawing.
Positive Space Drawing
Negative Space Drawing

Which one is a contour line drawing?
Contour Drawing
When you make a contour drawing you draw
the lines that represent the
edges of an object
, not necessarily just the

silhouette, as in an outer contour drawing. There is no shading added.

For your print, you will be taking a contour line drawing and turning it into a positive/ negative space drawing.

At least 80% of your block must be black (drawn on).

*For printmaking you use
only one color ink rolled
onto your linoleum block to
print an image.

Step one:
Draw a basic contour drawing of your clip art.
Worksheet #2

Step two:
Try out what spaces you want black or white.
Worksheet #2

Step three: Draw a final draft showing your positive and negative space.
Worksheet #3


Step two- Worksheet #2:
Draw a basic contour drawing.:
Try out what spaces you want black or white.

Step three- Worksheet #3: Draw your final drafts showing your positive and negative space.

Step four: Transfer approved image.
Review: To create your print you will…

How much negative space should you show?

The image that you choose to carve should have a minimum of 80% drawing on your 4x6 block.
Increased difficulty by adding lines or shapes!
6 inches
4 in
6 inches

Increased difficulty! Stars are challenging to carve.
Decorate the right side how you would like it to be.
Only spend about 10 minutes on this. It is a practice/ brainstorming activity. Create positive and negative space.

You can do your own design.

learn about
printmaking drawing steps,
contour line
Elements are the
of art.

Principles are how

Space is an

of art.

Same objects, but a different way of drawing them.
The picture on the right focuses only on the outer contour of the objects.

The main subjects below are
and the background is

This is commonly referred to as a
positive space
Here is an example of a student print. There is no shading, just black ink used.
Idea 2
*What do you think the definition for positive space is?
Quickly take out worksheet #2-
the four rough draft drawings
Worksheet #3- the two final draft drawings

Today and tomorrow we will be drawing our final drafts.

Drawings are due at the beginning of class Monday so you must take them home if you
are not done.

*What do you think the definition for negative space is?
An outer contour drawing
shows the line around the
outer edge of an object
that shows the
overall shape
of the object that you are viewing from a
particular spot.
Is this drawing too simple?

This image is too simple, but you could increase the difficulty by adding lines or shapes in the background or in the stars.
Imagine the circles are white.
Directions for printmaking drawings
Step One:
Select pictures

you want to use.

It would help for you to select a couple of images.
Step Two:
Make four contour line drawings

of those pictures on
Worksheet #2

Step Three:
With teacher approval,

create your two final drafts-

draw dark with your pencil.
Worksheet #3
Step Four:
transfer the images onto a lino block

The image must be in pencil- so draw worksheet #3 with dark marks- it can then be directly transferred onto the block.

Place the image pencil side down onto the block. With uniform pressure, rub the back of the image. The pressure applied will transfer the image onto the block.

It will transfer a reverse image to the block.
Fill 80% of the boxes with drawings.
What can make a good drawing??
Fill at least 80% of the boxes with drawing.
Although there are lines in the background it would be better to also have some accent lines in the fleur de lis.
More is needed!

What can an image that shows an outer contour drawing filled in with black also be called?

This type of drawing is commonly used in portrait drawing to show a person's face in profile.
shows an outer contour image set against a lighter background.
Play around with the
and the positive and negative space.
Composition #1 includes the subjects and the background.
Compsition #2 focuses on the subjects only.
This is a good use of positive and negative space. He created "borders" within the image to help stabilize the block.
"Bordering" your image is recommended but not mandatory.
Border lines
Keep this worksheet! We will have a "pop" quiz Thursday or Friday on this material.
The positive space is colored in, with a plain background.
Subject off to the side

Notice how the carving plate is a reverse image.

Subject in the middle

Write down what's in red.
Having no border can make it difficult to
the print.
You can draw pictures that "border" objects.
Instead of just having the fish, the rocks and seaweed add to the image. Adding some waves in the upper left hand corner would improve the image further.

Outer contour drawing
Regular contour line drawing
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