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Positive Change Academy

Deepend Group Internal Training Programme

Deepend Group

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of Positive Change Academy

Academy Calender
Strategy- Building a Compelling Story
& How to Develop Good Strategy
Creative-The architecture of a
great digital campaign
Tech- Digital Jargon Busting
Personal Development -“Magnumopusolgy”
The science of creating ‘Great Work’
Innovation - The 12 Fundamental
Innovation Behaviours
Building a Compelling Story &
How to Develop Good Strategy
If people don't understand what you're telling them it doesn't matter
whether you're right or not. Storytelling is the simple art of explaining
something to someone in a way that they understand it, take it on board and hopefully act on it. If you're really lucky they might even retell the story.
Strategy is the first step in developing your story.
What's it about?
Who are we talking to?
What do we need to happen?
The architecture of a great digital campaign
What are the secrets to creating a successful and effective digital campaign? In this session we’ll dissect the best campaigns from the last few years and aim to discover why they worked so well.
Digital Jargon Busting
Hiding from the jargon? Lost in geek-speak?
Join the jargon-busting crusade! We have searched high and low
for the latest digital jargon and offer simple clear language that
explains what it all really means.
Personal Development
“Magnumopusolgy” -
The science of creating ‘Great Work’
We see it, feel it, live it, love it but what really are the 11
secret herbs and spices in the original recipe of Great Work?
Come along to this session and let the Colonel take you
behind the fryers of a personal research project undertaken
to get to the bottom of this great question.
The 12 Fundamental Innovation Behaviours
In this session we'll cover a summary of the
fundamental innovation behaviours that support
innovation,new thinking, positive collaboration, prototyping and
just good ways of working productivity.

23 February
26 February
8 March
Personal Development - Presentation Skills
Tech- Big data
Production- App vs Responsive Considerations
Personal Development
presentation skills
Presenting can be daunting. We'll give you tips on not only
the presentation itself but also how to prepare properly and how
to get yourself in the right frame of mind to give you the
best chance to kill it.
App vs Responsive Considerations
As a technology agnostic group, we provide recommendations that best meet a client's objectives, timing and budget. App vs responsive is a regular question
from clients and can be an irk for the production team. In this session we'll
explore the core of where this question is coming from and some methods
for decision making and client by in.
Client Service- 10 Tips for Creating a
Great Presentation Deck
Client Service- Managing & Building
Client relationships

Personal Development - Running a Successful
Creative Thinking session
Personal Development - Commercial Thinking
Innovation - Insights for Innovation
12 April
29 April
Client Service
10 Tips for Creating a Great Presentation Deck
Structure, look and feel and most importantly content. Every presentation
is bespoke but these tips will make sure you've got a great head start
every time you open PowerPoint.
Personal Development
Running a Successful
Creative Thinking session
How to set up and run a successful creative thinking session.
The fundamentals of purpose, preparation, place, people & process
-a toolkit for any type of creative session
Personal Development
Commercial Thinking
As we all work, we are all in business. So, how do business models work?
In addition to getting an insight into what fills an accountants brain
you will learn about different business models, the key functions to
their success and where we (the people) fit within them.
Insights for innovation
How do we develop the kind of insights that unlock innovation?
What are the key principles and tools that underpin
'inspiration insights'? Everything from ethnographic research
tools, in situ prototyping, the process of building clues to hunches
to insights and how we put the user at the heart of
user-centric insights.
Creative - Design for the Digital Age
Tech -The Power of Personalisation
Production- Cloud Collaboration with Clients
Personal Development- Digital Eminence
10 may
Design for the digital Age

The digital ecosystem is diverse and complex. There are
countless numbers of platforms and formats. Given this
complexity are there universal rules, a set of guidelines, to
creating great digital design?
The Power of Personalisation
The no 1 digital trend today is targeting and personalised
marketing. We take you behind the scenes, show you how
personalised content is delivered, different strategies that are
employed and why this mandatory for websites into the future.
Cloud Collaboration with Clients
Clarizen does everything, almost! In the gaps, we're all using a
range of tools to collaborate internally and with clients, maximising
efficiency and client buy in. In this session we'll explore where cloud
collaboration fits within our standard production approach,
some guidelines on approach, share some war stories and
explore opportunities on the horizon.
Personal Development
Digital Eminence
Being awesome is easy if you're a Deepender, but telling people about your awesomeness can be tough! The secret is Digital Eminence, a training
and optimisation program to make your social and personal
branding channels work for you. Take the time to make yourself
findable and famous in the social
and digital landscape.
14 June
Personal Development - Negotiation... Let’s hug it out
Analytics - Bluffers Analytics
Personal Development- Ten tips on how to be
a great leader
Production- Product Development Methodologies
Personal Development
Negotiation – Let’s hug it out
You mention the ‘n-word’ to anyone in business and you are bound to see
them tense up, put on their proverbial gloves and mentally begin their
preparation for battle. In this session we’ll debunk the age old notion
that negotiation is a ‘battle of wills’ and show how,
with a fresh perspective, that every negotiation can
end in hugs and kisses.
Bluffers Analytics
Whilst hilarious, there is more to analytics than anal jokes -
and in the session I’ll prove it! We’ll run through analytics
tools and structures that I promise will make your life easier,
work more efficiently, help make better decisions and help
structure arguments with data to support them.
You wont regret it!
Personal Development
Ten tips on how to be a great leader
Leadership is relevant to everyone, even if you're a team of one.
We'll cover how to motivate and lead your teams and
colleagues whilst fashioning yourself into someone
you'd happily follow.
Product Development Methodologies
Product development is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products or services to benefit customers. For our group, this is a core
offering and something we’re doing day to day.
In this session we’ll explore the methodologies that guide
the Product Development process, how we’re already doing it
and opportunities for the future.

12 July
29 July
Tech-QA and Accessibility
Client Service- How to write a Great
Creative Brief & Why it Matters
Creative - The Role of UX
Client Service- Are our Clients Happy?
Client Health and how to monitor it
Innovation -Lateral Thinking & Problem Solving
QA and Accessibility
Do you know what happens when we release a project? We go through
rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure our
development builds are beautiful, seamless and work every time.
Come and learn about our processes and how they impact all parts of
the business. We will also cover what accessibility is,
how this affects a web page and why it's important
for a large percentage of the population.
Client Service
How to write a Great Creative Brief & Why it Matters
Learn how to get everything a project needs to succeed on one
page and then how to use it to get everyone involved in the
project on the same page.

Every successful project starts with a great brief.
The Role of UX

The start, middle and end of every project.
The user sits at the heart of everything we do. I'll talk through
why I believe UX is the thread that connects any great project.
Client Service
Are our Clients Happy?
Client Health and how to monitor it
Lateral Thinking & Problem Solving
In this session, we'll share some core problem-solving tools
and techniques to help with any kind of challenge.
Like any relationship agency / client health needs constant attention.
It's always easy at the beginning when everything's fun, sexy and new.
The hard part starts after the first project has been delivered.
Having a simple set of rules and being in regular
communication means you can spot a rift and nurture
it before it becomes a problem.

As part of our training and development offering this year we are launching the Positive Change Academy!

The PC Academy is a series of internal workshops delivered by the leadership team, covering 27 topics across all disciplines in the Group. This is not your average training, we have designed workshop topics to provide you with valuable insight, tools and knowledge to help us all be better at what we do.

Every month you will attend 1 workshop. You will need to decide which workshop you would like to attend from the workshops on offer each month. You will also attend 3 dedicated innovation workshops delivered by H2i.

So what do the Positive Change Academy Workshops look like?...

Agree with your manager on the workshops you would like to attend. Your manager will have already picked 3 for you to attend and you will select another 3 of your choice.

once agreed, Fill in the Workshop Attendance Sheet by Friday 19 FEBRUARY to secure your place on your chosen workshops.

Places are on a first come first served basis and there are a maximum of 15 spots in each session. However,The Innovation workshops are for everyone and you are ALL invited to attend.

Attendance for the Positive Change Academy is compulsory, so please put the dates into your diary and do not book any meetings in during these.

Big Data
The technology world is rapidly changing, one of the new comers is called
Big Data. Learn what Big Data is, how it will transform information
gathering, and what the likely impact will be to a digital agency in the
next 3-5 years.
Client Service- Managing & Building
Client relationships

Client Service
Managing & Building Client Relationships
Exceptional client service is at the heart of every good business and
we're committed to delivering nothing less.
But in a highly competitive industry, it's clear that service is simply not
enough. In this session, we'll look at what it takes to move a relationship
from a great supplier/contact to a trusted
partner and invaluable advisor.
Client Service
The Pitching Process & Conquering the Meeting
A great pitch sets the tone for the rest of the project. By understanding
your audience, the challenge they've set you and their ultimate goals
you can sometimes win before you even present. Meetings are no different.
It's all in the pre work.
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