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isaac segura

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Influence

American History X
What you have done, you have done, nothing can't never change, it will hunt you even if you hide because sooner or later it can strike without knowing.
"Why colleges Shower there students with A's"
Evidence and Examples- Brent Staples provides a lot of examples and facts in the text. For example,"Two hundred colleges have closed since a business dreamed up phoenix 20 years ago" (411).
"America Skips School"
The United nation and its citizens are giving up on and not hope and seeing the future . We are slowly digestion ourselves cause we don't seek what we want.
Shared Themes
Do not harness the guilt of something you tried to prevent, because it will eat all fibers inside of you,one by one; let it go before it hurts you and your loved ones.
Under The Influence"
Do not fill guilty for something you tried to prevent because it will tear you apart and send a bad example to those you love that are around you.
Shared Themes
Not Shared Themes
Flashbacks- Throughout the movie the older brother has flashbacks about his father eating at the dinner table. Also, he uses flashbacks when he was in prison and explains to his brother its not the life to live in.
Bad influence- his little brother looked up to his big brother and listened and learned from him more than he learned in school. He treated his big brother as if he were a god.
Hunted- Before he did a terrible thing and was in prison for manslaughter. Now when he is out he tries to forget and get rid on what he was and trying to start a new life but no matter what he did the past came back.
Flashbacks- Scott Sanders has flashbacks of his father drunk and his father hiding it from him and the family. According to Scott Sanders "I slip into the garage or barn to see my father tipping the flat green bottles of whine, the brown cylinders of whiskey, the cans of beer disguised in paper bags...... his bloodshot gaze bumping into me, he stashes the bottle or can inside his jacket, under the workbench, between two bales of hay, and we both pretend the moment has not occurred" (121).
Comparison- Scott Sanders has comparison throughout the text by comparing himself and his father. also the comparison how himself and his son were possessed. In "Under the Influence" Scott sanders says, "And that crushing sense of responsibility is exactly what i felt at the age of ten in the face of my father's drinking. My son wonders if i, too, am possessed. i write, therefore, to drag into the light that eats at me" (131).
Hunted- Scott Sanders explain how his father had been drinking too much and now he feels like it is all his fault and it hunts him and his son because the son feels guilty for his father too for working too much. "Unlike the biblical swine, however, he left behind of the demons to haunt his children" (130).
Unshared Theme
United States citizens are giving up on education, 2ND they're slowly destroying themselves by letting the future go.In reality, we need to notice and take a stand.
The more generations we go through, the weaker our education is getting. By the we all know it, our education will be propaganda and lies to our brains.
Aggressive tone- He makes his point of view very clearly and wants the reader to know what the moral or message is. Brent Staples Explains in "Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A's", " Addicted to Counterfeit excellence, colleges parents and students are unlikely to give it up. As a consequence, diplomas will become weaker and more ornamental as the years go by" (412).
Slander- He uses slander when he brings up the colleges how the economy is getting weaker because of them.
Informational- The text is very informational because it informs the readers on how America skips school. Benjamin R. Barber gives his survey in the text and explains how it works.
Slandering- He blames the slack of education and parents. How the grade really basses on how much the paerents give the money.
Irony- The text has irony by the author explaining how education is mainly depending on how much money they receive and its not really about education at all.
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