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EML442: Assessment Item 2

No description

Jessica Hender

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of EML442: Assessment Item 2

EML442: Assessment Item 2
Position Statement

“[I]t is the very hybridity of 'English' that makes for its generosity: its capacity to serve a range of purposes and functions, and to allow for a multiplicity of social, cultural and educational effects.” (Bill Green and Phil Cormak, 2008)
The use of English is a changing practice that is constantly evolving to keep up with what is relevant in our world. This is reflected in English study in the classroom. .
The fluid and ever changing nature of English allows its participants to richly engage as both consumers and creators of the practice. I believe the most important aspect of teaching English is to enrich students lives as users of language. This enables them to engage in literacy practices both inside and outside the classroom.
My ideal English classroom involves the use of technology, allowing student's to access rich knowledge bases on their own, serving as a facilitator of learning.
Technology that can be used to enhance the English classroom include:
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
Recording devices
Multimedia devices

A practical example
Potential text being studied include: Deadly Unna? Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence? Wolf on the Fold. Touch Me.

The best way to engage students in is to keep the learning environment relevant.
Themes include: Australian studies, cultural, social and gender perspectives Popular and youth cultures
Aspects of environmental and social sustainability
Possible assessment tasks:
Create an online blog-Students must write a chapter-by-chapter review blog on the text they are studying.

Using a Web 2.0 tool students will create a visual representation of their interpretation of the world. Web tools include Prezi, wix.com, WordPress, Glogster, Edmodo, Bubbl.us. (There are many more)
“the ability to read texts in an active, reflective manner in order to better understand power, inequality, and injustice in human relationships.” (Coffey, H. 2003).
The aim of teaching English through texts is to develop students as users of language. Through critical literacy students are able to develop...
The NSW Curriculum under the National Curriculum status includes in its General Capabilities along with literacy specific skills the importance of students developing ethical understanding, intercultural understanding and personal and social understanding. This is important as these form major aspects of the classroom and texts being studied and through these students are able to relate to 'real world' learning.
Example of Blooms Taxonomy revised with integration of technology.
Example of session plan integrating technology.
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