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Pablo Martinez california gold rush

No description

Monica Johnston

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Pablo Martinez california gold rush

By Pablo Martinez The California gold rush 1849 By Pablo Martinez How It All Began Once people heard about the gold that was found they came. People from Russia,Mexico,Canada and all over the world came for the gold and moved to Sacramento. They rode and ships and it took months to get there and to find the gold. Travelers Many peple were moving to Sacramento, but some challenges came to them, and one of them was, money. Store owners knew that alot of people were coming and they wanted money, so they raised prices on food and shelter. The prices were outrages! Like one barrel of flour for 200$ in todays money. So many travelers did not have enough money to make a life out of it, so then they had to start a buisiness and stop looking for gold to live. It was a wise decision of those people to stay alive than to be rich. Price Raises Westward Expansion 1849
California Gold Rush In 1849 a camper was digging around until he found GOLD! A camper found gold in the river bank and he was trying to keep it a secret but then , news was spread around the country. People heard of it and started to travel to were the gold was found,Sacramento,California. People left their family and told them that they will be back rich but nothing can be promised. The ending So the Gold Rush ended up by the miners flooding the town and getting the gold but once they have found the gold, many people rushed to it. Only a few people got gold and the rest of the miners were left with nothing. Then a few years later taxes started and California became a state. People did not like spending their money on taxes but that was the law. THE
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