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Bridge Budapest Dream

No description

Zsolt Kovács

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Bridge Budapest Dream

The Denmark Story
In the autumn of 2013 I spent one semester in Copenhagen at the Technical University of Denmark. I mostly studied management but I had some additional engineering classes as well. With my management group we had to work on a real project of the GEA Group. It was a really beneficial experience to participate in a project of a real company and to be a member of an international group.
The Prezi Project
In the first week on my first management lecture the professor used some kind of new tool for presentation called Prezi. Then I looked it up and I started to learn it from tutorials.
Then I convinced my management group that we should use Prezi for our presentations.
So what happened???
We made our first presentation with Prezi and the people loved it!!! Two danish students right after the presentation asked me to show them this cool application. Of course I helped them and just for fun I offered everybody that in a short 1-hour-long "class" I quickly teach them the most basic tricks and I will give them a short introduction to Prezi. It was so successful that later they told it to their friends too so eventually I hold this class every week. I just found out after the second class that Prezi is actually a hungarian startup company and then I got really motivated because I could help the spread of a hungarian company in Denmark.
I got the best feedback from a recently graduated girl who told me that she had made an interactive CV with Prezi and due to that she got her dream job position.

Summer of '13
In 2012 I decided that I apply for a summer counselor job in the US because I wanted to challenge myself in other fields than engineering or business. Eventually I got a counselor and a lifeguard job in an american summer camp close to San Francisco.
I loved every moment of being a counselor. I learnt a lot from the kids and the feeling that I can add something to their lives was amazing. The job was really challenging but it was definitely worth it. I met incredibly precious people who I will never forget and my life just started to head to a very new direction.
I loved the atmosphere of San Francisco and the mentality of the people there. After I said goodbye to my summer I set up a goal. I decided that one day if I could have the chance I will come back. After this summer I moved to Denmark where I met Prezi. I was really happy because I could show the people something useful which is actually came from my mother country and it was amazing that the people started to use it as well. And then bummm... in December I saw an introduction video of Bridge Budapest. A little bit of dreaming have never killed nobody so I decided to apply :)
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