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Ban soda from schools

No description

erin hyer

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Ban soda from schools

STANCE My stance is i am against the idea of pop in school, because of how students and adults are affected by it. Soda should not be in schools, or they will affect the students health. some students would say that they dont see the affects of soda. a student would say that they dont care about the affects of too much soda and rather be obesse and drink every day Or maybe that they would like to drink soda maybe three times a day and go to the dentist more times than they should students or teachers that drink alot of soda increase the chances of getting diabetese 10 reasons

1. when you drink soda you get less energy

2. you usually feel tired and fall asleep easily or crash

3. The chance of tooth decay and cavities.

4. Grow weaker or less as strong.

5. Because soda has alot of sugar, students and teachers get an increased chance of diabetese.

6. May get sick and get less imunity towards viruses.

7. Possibly gain weight because of sugary fat.

8. The more you drink you get less and less ability to resist it, and will cause health problems
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