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Facial Expression & Micro Expression Recognition

No description

Robert Nidzyn

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Facial Expression & Micro Expression Recognition

Facial Expression
Micro Expression Recognition

By Robert Nidyzn Jr.
What are Facial Expressions?
Way for humans to communicate
Organized into different groups
Can be used to decipher liars from truth tellers
The Six Basic Emotions
What is a Micro Expression?
An involuntary flash of emotion trying to be concealed
Often a piece of an emotion
4/100 of a second
Hard to detect
Materials & Methods
1. Standard Eyesight Test
2. Reflex Test w/ Ruler
3. Preliminary Fruit Test
4. F.A.C.E. Test
6. Explain Structure of emotions to 1 group
7. Both Groups retake test
8. Collect data
Obtain Two Groups
50% Male 50% Female
9. Look for any patterns between
Eyesight/Reflexes test and F.A.C.E. Test
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