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Ella Enchanted Hero's Journey

No description

Reid Dugan

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Ella Enchanted Hero's Journey

Ella Enchanted
Hero's Journey

Meeting the Mentor
Throughout the whole journey Ella is trying to find Lucinda to get rid of her main test, which is her obedience.She meets many allies on the way, for example Prince Char,the elves,and the giants. Her enemies include the ogres, and King Edgar who is Prince Char's uncle.
King Edgar demands Ella to kill Prince Char and now Ella is forced to obey. She meets Lucinda, who does not take back the spell,and instead takes Ella to Prince Char. When the clock strikes midnight, she can't bring herself to do it so she ends up breaking the curse herself and is no longer obedient.
Return with Elixir
She learns that nobody can tell her what to do anymore, and that "no curse is greater than what is inside of you" which is what her mother told her before she passed away. Ella now feels strong and empowered for no longer being obedient.
Ordinary World
Ella of Frell is born into a world filled with ogres, elves, and faires.She is cursed as a baby with the gift of obedience by Fairy Lucinda, her godmother. When her mother dies, she tells Ella not to tell anyone about the spell, and it changes her whole life around.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Ella is free and no longer cursed. King Edgar is gone,leaving Prince Char and Ella as Queen and King. They get married and help the creatures get back their freedom and what was rightfully theirs.

Before Ella leaves for her journey, her household fairy, Mandy, gives her a book. The book is Mandy's boyfriend that she accidentally trapped inside of the book. His name is Benny, and he can show Ella where anybody is located at any time. Ella uses Benny to locate Lucinda throughout her journey, starting at the wedding
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