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Enable Others To Act

Daddy, how does Santa do it? Well Son, he collaborates.

Jason Hodges

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Enable Others To Act

Santa Inc.
How He Does
What He Does Santa, an entrepreneur with a big dream To Make Toys For All The Children Of the WORLD But the estimated
number of children
in the world
is over 2 BILLION NOT THESE ELVES! These Elves Reindeer to handle delivery and travel logistics Cousin Gary
to handle
IT and
Social Media Candy to be
his receptionist In order to be successful the team needs to function like a family Santa empowered elves to make decisions Gary exploring new avenues Santa understands that to be successful he has to develop collaborative goals and relationships Some elves want a gym and a shirt The key to success is to unlock support to bring people together and empower them to work towards a common goal Success is directly tied to the fate of the team Either win together or fail alone create an environment where everyone wins Santa's Diary 1) Create work environment
that promotes mutual respect
on work teams
2) Nurture self-esteem of
team members
3) Make people feel strong
4) Give people the ability to
make decisions and take
Santa's Diary 5) Build the skills and
abilities of teams to deliver
on commitments
6) Create work environment
where people feel control of
their lives
8) figure out way to cut down
the list of children, maybe create
naughty/nice list????? I'm in love
with Jay
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