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Digital Media Arts

No description

Richelle Nuttall

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Digital Media Arts

Over View Skills Articulate
Committed History From the 1920s to the 1950s, various forms of kinetic and light art were formed by Thomas Wilfred like the "lumia" and "clavilux". Followed by Jean Tinguely's self- destructing sculpture called "Homage To New York City. In 1958 Wolf Vostell was the first artist to incorporate a television set in his work called "German View". From the 1950s to the 1990s, technology for creating media art developed rapidly. This is because of the internet which helped develop the technology we have today. Path Those who desire careers in digital media arts at the minimum have to have a 4-year Bachelor's degree in media arts or animation from an accredited college or university. Such as Seneca college and Humber college. Tuition Fees The fees for the college of Seneca is $8484.00 and the fees for the college of Humber is $12800.00. The origin of media art can be dated back to the 19th century when the invention of the zoetrope and the praxinoscope were made. Responsibilities People who in roll in the field of digital media arts are expected to have a strong sense of Independence and have a open mind for a variety of digital and traditional arts. They are also expected to have a unique form of expression in their art work. Support Group The Canadian Council for the Arts. Work Habits Keep the work place clean.
Stay organized.
Be respectful to your co-workers.
Take safety precautions. Salary The average salary for someone in digital media arts is $56, 330 a year. that's about $27 an hour. Websites www.finearts.com DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS THE END By: Richelle Nuttall Digital media art is any kind of art that is made or involves a computer in the making of the art work.
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