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VMGMA Luncheon Going Digital in the New Era of the Patient Experience

SPOC Case Study Included; 2016 Updates; Long form!

Jamie Verkamp

on 9 April 2018

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Transcript of VMGMA Luncheon Going Digital in the New Era of the Patient Experience

Memorable experience
Trigger an action!
digital engagement
many points of connection with your audience...
The Danger of Satisfaction
In a satisfied environment, patients are:

Not Engaged

Not Talking

Not Loyal (satisfied v. loyal)

-Patients are now Consumers, First and Foremost

- Access to information 24/7 and share information 24/7

- Armed with the responsibility to spend more out of pocket dollars, patients will become much more discriminating purchasers of healthcare services

- More and more they expect exceptional customer service with every business transaction, including healthcare – from in person, to the phone and online

- They are seeking a “better” healthcare experience and know they can simply go elsewhere – to your competitor, in hopes of a better experience

- Marketing initiatives must be more innovative to reach consumers
Going Digital!
The New Era of the Patient Experience
Their interaction should be a...
Why is this important?
An interaction should always
Your patient experience transcends beyond
More than just promoting..
your 4 walls
and includes
No formal culture or training
De-centralized environment
Development of brand promise
Observation of calls
Implementation of call center
"Every Patient is a Friend of the Practice"
Digital Outreach
Care to share?
What's your preferred method of communication?
Meaningful Social Media
Being resourceful...
Materials created and provided courtesy
Patients and Social Media

1/3 of patients use social media for health related content searches
40% of patients sought reviews on doctors, hospitals, procedure outcomes and the patient experience
45% say that social media affects their provider decisions
73% welcome engagement with their physicians online, but they expect a response.

Health and Consumer Studies Report, Dec. 2012
Let's Be Social!



1,563 hospitals total

717 YouTube Channels
1300 Facebook pages
1005 Twitter Accounts
653 LinkedIn Accounts
1084 Four Square
211 Blogs
Source: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
"Real time media is a problem solver. Physicians are problem solvers. We are using these tools to solve problems in real time, throughout the day. "
"Many times, I do not have time to say everything I need to a patient in just 20 minutes. Social media helps reach them with more information, more resources and on a platform they know and trust."
Natasha Burgert, MD Pediatrician
Job Function vs. Job Purpose
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