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Clara Barton

No description

Brooke Pautsch

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Clara Barton

When Clara was 10, her brother David fell from the rafters of the family barn and left him with a serious accident and fever. Clara took the time to care for him. The doctor told her to put a leech on her brother so that it would suck out the bad blood. David loved having Clara with him and would not let anyone else care for him.

When Clara went to boarding school, she was very shy. She was scared to do anything with out someone staring at her. Later on when Clara went to high school, she had lost her shyness and became a teacher like her brothers and sisters.
Clara's Youth
little Clara
Clara found her calling in life to help others early in her life. One day Patch, the family hunting dog, was wounded from a wagon. His paw was was mashed, and Patch would not let anyone touch it. Then Clara started whispering to him, "poor Patch, poor Patch." Patch licked her hand and let her take care of his paw. Clara's dad and her whole family were so proud of her. Clara's dad told her "You were a good soldier my dear. You were a brave soldier."
Angel of the Battlefield
Early Career
On her first day as a teacher, she knew she had to deal with bullies that came to school. Clara couldn't bear to see the strong hurt the weak. She played some tricks on the boys in order to make them behave. Clara also showed she was caring when she helped a homeless negro by letting him come into the school house to get warm.

Another job that helped prepare Clara for public speaking was at the U. S. Patent Office in Washington D.C. There she met famous politicians and listened to many speeches.
by Katelyn Pautsch
Clara Barton
During the Civil War, she collected and distributed supplies for the Union Army.
She brought lanterns, candles, and bandages. Clara helped both Union and Confederate soldiers in Virginia. She nursed thousands of soldiers back to health during the war. In addition, Clara insisted that aid stations be set up near every battlefield. After the war, she helped reunite soldiers with their families. They shared that Clara was kind and had excellent nursing abilities.
The American Red Cross
In 1870 Clara was visiting Europe. She helped the International Red Cross during the Franco-Prussian War. When she came home to the U.S., she persuaded politicians to start an American branch of the Red Cross. She served as its first president beginning in 1881.

After retiring from the American Red Cross in 1904, she remained active giving speeches and lectures. Even though Clara was very shy, she never let her shyness stop her from doing what she loved...helping care for people!
Little Clara
"Angel of the Battlefield"
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