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Technology Transfer Project

GreenCode - InWent

Danny Sierra

on 4 April 2012

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Transcript of Technology Transfer Project

Green Code where will be used? Science, Technology and Innovation National System in Colombia National Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia Business problems
Transfer of knowledge to the modernization and transformation of manufacturing (continuous and discrete).
development of innovation projects and technological development in the framework of alliance university - Business - state. National Program for Industrial Technology Development and Quality aims to promote applied research to solve: This can be avoided by
Clean technology Technology
Transfer project I can't steal! Access can be organized,
efficient and effective Just one access at a time DANNY SIERRA 1 2 3 1-Mobile subscriptions per 100 population: Colombia has 92%. Source:ITU ICT Statistics Database
2-Money colletion is online – mobile or web.
3-It reduces fraud dramatically.
4-It is eco-friendly.
5-Bank Service (18, 6 Million or 62% adult users) Source: Asobancaria www.asobancaria.com
6-Massive Transportation Services most of operators use CDM bonus due to Biofuels. Therefore, they have ecology policies that will adapt for this project. Why the Transfer Project is relevant for Colombia? Here are key factors in Colombia for
the adquisition of the project. Technology Challenge what does it consist of? Main objective Massive Transportation Systems in Colombia Find the best manner to make an efficient network & mobile communication in order to guarantee the service of e-fare in massive transportation systems through QR Codes. is a company dedicated to e-commerce services through Internet using:
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) Technology Transfer Project Danny Sierra What does MTS consist of in Colombia? - Chaos How to solve those problems? GreenCode Virtual QRCodes are eco-friendly.
Turnstile Technology (easily readable).
Sanitary and unique per passager.
Payment online, reducing long lines access
Safe and effective. Future Access
Situation To access to
Massive Transportation
through mobile phones with QR Codes Main objective Proposed solution Problems accessing to
turnstile systems Places where the project will be applied:
Bogotá- Transmilenio
Medellín- Metro de Medellín
Cali- Mío
Bucaramanga- Metrolínea
Cartagena- Transcaribe
Barranquilla- Transmetro Massive Transportation Systems in Colombia A solution that is integrated with the... Resources Activity description Research Transfer Project Feasibility analysis Implementation in Colombia Final Result: Timeline Network adaptability Analysis of scenarios Developing & building Model result Technology Research QR Codes reading & response testing 1- Cash payment - People waiting in long lines - Rush hour congestion 2- Unsanitary fare tickets 3- Current contactless cards
are non-biodegradable QR Codes What is a QR Code? A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) The "QR" is derived from "Quick Response" It allows contents to be decoded at high speed. How QR Codes solve the access to Massive Transportation Systems? - Simultaneity One access at a time To make access: fast, organized & effective Challenges National Strategic Plan for Technological Development, Industrial and Quality Action Items:
Infrastructure for industry, ie, Design, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Engineering, logistics and transport
Transportation & Logistics
Clean technologies
Agribusiness: Biotechnology, Food and Drink
Application of ICT for industry
Mechatronics, robotics and automation
Rational and efficient use of energy, use of alternative energy for industry
Development of Prosthetics, Drugs, Nutrients
Development and application of new materials and industrial products with sustainability criteria
Rational and efficient use of raw materials in industry
New sources and technologies with renewable materials
Electrical Goods and Services Sector
Textile and clothing fibers
IT & Software Services
Auto Parts Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation - Colombia
http://www.colciencias.gov.co/ National Innovation System in Colombia GreenCode MTS Colciencias Fraunhofer Institute 1. Economic

2. Human

3. Technological

4. Users There is an allocated
budget from the Company - Skilled engineers
- Experienced technicians
- Stakeholder companies - QR Codes e-payment system
- QR turnstile readers
- Network Communication Users:
- Colombian MTS:
-Transmilenio, Bogotá
- Metro de Medellín, Medellín
- Transcaribe, Cartagena
- Mio, Cali
- Metrolínea, Bucaramanga
- Megabus, Pereira
- Transmetro, Barranquilla
- Other MTS in Latin America The whole project will work with these... this is the way we are going to do it... ........1M.......2M.......3M.......4M.........5M.......6M....... why not?
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