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The Negative Impact of Magazines on Teenage Girls

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Gurvinder Brar

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of The Negative Impact of Magazines on Teenage Girls

The Negative Infleunce of Magazines on Teenage Girls Emotional and Physical Disorders Stereotypes Unhealthy Body Image Gurvinder Brar Introduction Increase in influence of mass media on society
Transition between various media technologies
Media as agent of socialization
Who does the media target?
Unrealistic portrayal of girls (bodies and appearence match stereotypes)
"Ideal" women are imitated for acceptance in society
Negative influences include: body image, self-esteem and disorders Magazines focus on gender stereotyped topics
Magazines "under-represent" teenage girls
Stereotypes about particular body shapes, height and weight, appearance (thin, tall, beautiful)
This gives the teenage girls an inaccurate impression of the world and people in it
Reaccuring themes: appearances and looks (37%), dating (35%), and other theme's such as fashion and clothing
More than a quarter focus positive things such as friends (28%), confidence (16%), family (15%), career (12%), school (12%) and independance (5%)

Females are becoming obsesive with losing weight and are willing to do anything to obtain a thin body
Teens are becoming involved in eating disorders that lead to severe health issues and sometimes death
There are millions of adolescents fighting obesity, but at the same time they are still being exposed to negative media content
Research concluded that approx. 25% of girls use unsafe forms of weight control and weight loss
Anorexia and bulimia are two eating disorders that are becoming very common amoung teenage girls
Some girls go on extreme diets and use drugs to lose weights Low Self-Esteem Reading magazines also have a negative effect on a female's self-perception, self-esteem and identity development
Teenagers are in a stage of life where they want to be accepted and media creates an ideal image of what one should look like
Model's weaken a girl's self-esteem by making them realize what they are not
Teen girls develop personal insecurities
"Average girls" are rarely ever portrayed Women go to extreme measures for a certain body type
A 'slender' body type has slowly become a beauty standard
Over time, the female body has grown increasingly thin
Body image dissatisfaction is a cause of low self-esteem and depression
"First 13 Minutes" experiment
Teenage girls want new bodies that fit societies ideal characteristics in a female
Only 5% of women have a model's body
Dove Model's Which one is the model? America's Next Top Model Survey Research Research Method = Survey
Teenage girls (14-17) from Louise Arbour S.S. were chosen completely by random to be surveyed
20 surveys: 2 for each grade level (grades 9-12)
Completely informed before hand
Results • Majority of the girls surveyed have a low self-esteem level to begin with and mostly all of those girls read or look at magazines on a regular basis
• The magazines that were popular amoung the girls were Seventeen, J-14 and Twist, which are generally magazines devoted to young, teenage girls
• Almost all the girls agreed that they take advice and tips given in the magazines articles on relationships, beauty and other lifestyle questions
• All the girls, but one, agreed that to a high extent, magazines do not portray females in their realistic (natural) states
• Slightly over a half of the girls also agreed that magazines have a hand in enforcing stereotypes about girls (they should be thin, tall, etc.)
Influences of Magazine in Teen Girls Survey

1. Age: ____ Grade: ________ Height: ________

2. Have you ever felt insecure about yourself or your body? Always Sometimes Rarely Never

3. Do you consider your self-esteem level high or low? ________

2. Do you read “teenager” magazines on a regular basis? Yes No

3. If you do read teen magazines, circle the particular ones that interest you.
Teen Vogue Seventeen Cosmopolitan J-14 Twist M Magazine Popstar
Others: ______________________________________________

4. How often do you follow the various tips the magazine articles are giving you, such as beauty or relationship advice? Always Sometimes Rarely Never

5. If you answered yes to the previous question, do you find that the tips given by the magazine articles helped? Yes No

6. Do you think that these magazines realistically (as a natural teenage girl, including different body shapes, sizes and flaws) portray girls? Yes No

7. Do magazines have a hand in enforcing certain stereotypes amongst girls? Yes No

8. Has mass media (magazines) influenced your life? Yes No

Why does the media have so much power over teenagers?
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