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Tyler Johnson

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of lkasjdflak

The Elizabethan Society and Clothing The Elizabethan Era Popularity's in the Elizabethan Era Music The Elizabethan Society's Culture Effect on William Shakespeare What they Wore Banquets How did clothing effect William Shakespeare work? Queen Elizabeth I From 1558-1603 Why was it called the Elizabethan Era? Archery Gambling Food Meat Ale Honey Art Embroidery Painting Leisure Activities Bowling Dog Cock Fights Wrestling A Ballad William Shakespeare Women's Clothing Men Clothing William Shakespeare and Clothing Elizabethan Households House Kitchen What were the Elizabethan Households like? Elizabethan Religion Catholic Protestant Music Let's Take the Quiz Let's see what you learned The Elizabethan Quiz True False Directions; The right part of the room is true and, the left part of the room is false. For instance; if you think it is false go to the left part of the room.

1.Popular events during this time are banquets.
2.Popular paintings were oil paintings. Continuation of True False 3.One Leisure activity was skittles.

4.Meat was not a sign of wealth.

5.Mead involved the combination of ale and sugar.
6. It was located in the Western Region. Guess what? More True or False!!! 7. One of their religions was Roman Catholic.

8. The Globe theater was a perfect spot to gamble.

9. They did not like sugar.

10. Music was an important form of entertainment. THE END Thank you
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