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The Child's Story by Charles Dickens

see title

sarah j

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of The Child's Story by Charles Dickens

The Child's Story The Child's Story Background Info The Author by Charles Dickens Characterization His early childhood was spent in the city, until his family moved to the country
He then began school and was a very impressive student
His father was incarcerated for outstanding debts, along with his family, and at the age of 12 he was left to work in a shoe factory while living in a boarding house
He had a hard childhood and life, rather similar to the events in the story Charles John Huffman Dickens was born on 7 February, 1812 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
the son of Elizabeth née Barrow (1789-1863) and John Dickens (c.1785-1851) a clerk in the Navy Pay Office
Charles had an older brother Frances, known as Fanny, and younger siblings Alfred Allen, Letitia Mary, Harriet, Frederick William known as Fred, Alfred Lamert, and Augustus Newnham
His father was transferred to a new place, and the family settled into a larger home with two live-in servants
In 1824, John Dickens (his father) was imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea Prison. All of the family went with him except for Charles who, at the age of twelve, was sent off to work at a shoe factory to help support the family
This short story is about how magical childhood is in the speaker's eyes and that its magical nature is fleeting.
The story is basically speaking of the progression of age and life, the basic path of life.
The speaker is taking a journey through his life, and visiting past versions of himself, from when he was a baby to his old age.
While reminiscing, he relives the big events of his life, such as when he fell in love with his wife, and one of their children died, and when his wife died too.
He talks about his former selves as separate people, not realizing that it is him.
a story short Rather Important Details First, he meets a child who is always playing, and they play games together; suddenly he "loses" the child and keeps travelling
Then he meets a handsome boy, who is always learning and invites him to learn with him; he loses him too
He comes upon a young man, who is always loving, and invites the traveller to go and love with him; they both go to meet a beautiful girl who the traveler remarks looks "just like Franny". The young man and the girl become engaged, and are nearly married when the traveller loses them
Then he meets a middle-aged gentleman who had a wife and children with him, and they all worked very hard together; they came upon a place with several avenues before them, and one by one the kids went off to their own places; one to India, one to sea, one to seek their fortune, and one of the children died and rose to Heaven
The traveller continues with just the gentleman and his wife, until the wife tells the husband that she is being called to Heaven, and she rises to Heaven as well; soon after, the traveller loses the gentleman
Finally, he meets an old man, who is always remembering, and invites the traveller to remember with him
the art of creating characters for a narrative, including the process of conveying information about them
Dickens characterizes the traveller, who he later reveals to be his Grandfather, by describing his past
as he brings more and more characters into the story, we learn more about the traveller’s character and the main events of his life The End
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