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PFL 1.1

Job vs. Career

Justin Stevens

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of PFL 1.1

Student Module 1.1
Earning an Income
Standard 1: The student will describe the importance of earning an income and explain how to manage personal income using a budget.
Lesson Objectives
1. Differentiate between jobs and careers.

2. Explain the impact of education on income.

3. Explain human capital.
Job vs. Career
A job is anything that has to be done and provides income to meet an individual’s basic needs.
Job vs Career
A career, on the other hand, is a profession or vocation that is pursued as your life’s work.
Human Capital
Your skills, abilities, experiences, and interests are called human capital.
know this...
Building your human capital is a continual process.
Whats your thoughts?
Do you think the benefits of staying in school outweigh the costs?
life is about choices
Few choices will be more important than your ability to earn an income.

That income will influence almost every option you have to meet your personal goals.
W.D. Snodgrass said
“One by one the solid scholars get the degrees, the jobs, the dollars.”
Human Capital Investment
Investment of time, effort and resources in education
and training — to increase one's own knowledge, skills, health, etc., or to develop
those assets in others.
Earned Income
Money received for work performed; may include salary, wages, tips,
professional fees, commissions, etc.
The quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and

A purposeful course of action or purpose in life that generally provides
Man Vs Woman
$84,017-$50,547= $33,470 Difference
Same degree, different levels of pay....
Formal Training
College, Professional School
1. Run for a student office at school
2. Participate in volunteer activities
3. Get a part-time job, or start your own business (e.g., lawn care services, baby-sitting services).
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