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Effects of Drugs on the Brain

No description

Johnny Cash

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Drugs on the Brain

The brain has billions of nerve cells
Chemical messengers called neurotransmitters go from nerve cell to nerve cell, telling the body what to do
The Brain
Effects of Drugs on the Brain
All drugs overload the body with dopamine
The brain tries to balance this out by letting fewer of these signals through.
When someone stops taking a drug his dopamine levels are low for awhile
That person may not be able to feel the normal pleasure that he once could
It takes time for the brain to restore dopamine balance (hours,days,or months), depending on the drug, the person and the amount of abuse
Some signals cause a feeling of satisfaction or pleasure
Scientists call these "rewards"
The main neurotransmitter of the "feel good" signal is called dopamine.
"Feeling Good"
As time goes on the body needs more of the drug to feel as good as before
This is called tolerance
Getting Addicted
Long Term Effects
Dopamine Overload
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