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TOK Presentation: Ethics

No description

Rebecca Callahan

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation: Ethics

The philosophical study of morality
The moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior
The branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles
TOK Presentation: Ethics
Rebecca Callahan
Winter 2014
Real World Situation
David E. Schorr, who was in the middle of a divorce, picked his son up from his mother's house and the son wanted McDonald's for dinner
Schorr gave him a choice: he can eat at any other restaurant, other than McDonald's, or he gets no dinner.
The son choice to get no dinner.
Real World Situation
Marilyn Schiller was assigned to be the psychologist in charge of the divorce.
She declared Schorr to be an unfit father
Schorr filed a lawsuit saying Schiller urged the judge to limit the amount of visits he was allowed with his son because of his decision.
Knowledge Issue
How is reason a better guide to what is ethical than emotion?
What makes this an
When people override reason with emotion when making ethical decisions it can lead to an unethical result.
What makes it a contemporary issue?
With the divorce rate between married couples rising, the rate of custody battles is also rising.
Circumstances like this are happening
Problems of Knowledge
Possible Uncertainty
We are unsure of what type of father Schorr is. He could be an extremely good father or a rather terrible father.
Even though Schorr says that he was trying to teach his son how to make correct choices, reason, there could have been a more emotional reason for his decision to deny his son dinner that he is choosing not to bring to light.
The psychologist, Schiller, seemed to be extremely biased in this case
Biased against Shorr because she is a woman
Shorr is biased because his rights to see his child was taken away
There has to be an emotional side to an ethical decision because it has to be based on the personal morals as well as the morals held by the greater whole.
Reason is a better guide to what is ethical because it allows you to think things through and judge what is ethical and what is not based on your own set of morals and those set by society. Emotion seems to lead to more spontaneous decisions of what is ethical without thinking it through completely.
George Sanders
"Mercy Killing"
Colorado baker denying a wedding cake to a same-sex couple
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