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Jem Stone

on 31 May 2013

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ETHNORELATIVISM What is Ethnorelativism Acceptance # Acknowledges and understands that there are inevitable differences amongst cultures
# Recognize others' value systems & behavioral norms
# Develops neutral stance + Experience of cultural sensitivity is expanded to include different cultural perspectives
+ People at this stage are self aware and respectful toward different cultures , allowing smooth inter-cultural transition
+ Subject develops empathy & understanding from adaptation to integration - A belief that all groups , cultures or subcultures are inherently equal
- Acknowledges others' values & beliefs , and their resulting behaviors - Tendency to accept other groups' , societies' or cultures without judgement
- Establishes that there is no absolute position from which to judge one's morals , knowledge , truth Adaptation Integration THANK YOU :D Cognitive * Intensive exploration of the other culture
* Understanding perspectives of others toward their culture Affective * Altering behaviour to communicate effectively
* Learning to adapt to do things in a way that is appropriate in others' setting Behavioural * Emotions associated with the new cultural practices , with associated value judgements , are instilled in the individual + Personal perspectives of others will be changed
+ Will take other's culture into consideration
+ People's individual belief and culture can be influenced by external factors Integration # Accepting and recognizing other cultures as alternatives to personal worldview
# Do not perceive other cultures as wrong or inferior
# Realizes that differences are a part of life Example Joint venture between Toyota and General Motors
Toyota wanted to venture into the U.S. market and needed a factory to do so
Production and management system was changed at the GM factory Toyota introduced Andon system , giving workers the right to stop the production line if there were any problems
GM worried that this would affect productions but recognized Toyota's culture
Turned out to be successful , employee absenteeism dropped below 2% , factory became one of GM's best factories Moving through to adaptation # Refrain from judging
# Do not perceive personal teachings and behaviors to be the best or the most accurate
# Understand that differences are a part of life
# Abandon notions of right or wrong and embrace objectivity References: http://www.jasonpatent.com/2012/06/30/ethnorelativism/
http://dpc-engineering.com/en/andon Moving through to Integration Example Example Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion Cambodia -> We should accept other cultures with an open heart and not stereotyping them
-> Everybody has their own beliefs, cultures and behavior
-> This will prevent misunderstandings and conflicts
-> Accept a worldview over a personal view - By doing more than just adapting my own way of doing things based on the other culture's way of doing things
- Requires more sacrifice
- Do as the other culture do South Korea Values learned:
1) Respect
2) Open-mindset (worldview)
3) Responsibility for personal actions and behavior
4) Cultural sensitivity
5) Cultural humility Acceptance: To embrace objectivity and abandoning notions or right & wrong, to be able to display respect for others' cultures, to prevent exclusion of someone because of his/her difference
Adaptation: We learn to alter our actions based on other cultures
Integration: Being able to blend into each other's cultures, to allow both sides to compromise to each other
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