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Hernando Cortes

No description

Kole Miller

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Hernando Cortes

Location 1, 7, and 9

Location 2
Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic
Sailed here in 1504.
Location 3
Location 4
Location 5
Tenochtitlan, Veracruz (Mexico City)
Location 6
Cholula, Mexico
Location 8
Baja, California
Hernando Cortes
Explored for Spain
Explorer's Research Project by Kole Miller:
Summary of Expedition
Hernando Cortes Sailed for Spain. He left Cuba for the Yucatan Peninsula, which is also Mexico on February 18, 1519. He met the native Azrwcs and their leader Montezuma. Cortes kidnapped Montezuma for a ransom of gold and Jewels. Eventually he served as the governor and he explored other places.
Accomplishments and Goals
Hernando Cortes became governor of Mexico. He created the current Mexico City from the Aztec city of Tenochtitian. He also discovered Baja, California. He achieved his goal of creating a New Spain.
Purpose of Expedition
Hernando Cortes' goal was to find a New Spain. He also wanted to find riches.
Sailed to Mexico with 500 men
Created a New Spain
Discoved Baja, California
Explored Aztec Empire
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