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Connor's Place

No description

Kamala Guthrie

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Connor's Place

A Presentation By
Patrick Adams
Kamala Guthrie
and Emma Odgers
Mission statement: To provide a nurturing and supportive environment for families and children with special needs. To offer programs including daycare and after school care for children with developmental and medical needs as well as family support groups and sibling playgroups.

Connor's Place
A center for children with Special Needs and Those Who Love Them
Located in Natick, Massachusetts
Wheelchair Accessible Facility
-Outdoor seating
-Medical area
-Bus loop
-Handicap vans
World Class Facilities
Natick, MA
-Beautiful suburb of Boston
-Allows accessibility for outings
-Safe environment

Wheelchair Accessible Facility
-Boundless Playground
- Sensory Play Area
-Bus loop
-Handicapped Vans
Non-Profit Organization
-Grant Money
-Nursing Hours
-Disability Awareness Programs
Let Us Be Heard!!
Why Connor's Place?
We Are Child-Focused!

-Fun/Educational Activities
-Group Outings
-After School Programs
-Peace of Mind
-Family Days
"Handicap Accessible Playground" 2011
"Natick, Massachusetts," 2012
Bertolet, 2011
"Computer Maintenance," 2011
"Respite Activities For Kids" 2014
Connor's Story
Sensory Room

School Playground (2013)
Care Provider's at Connor's Place

2 Registered Nurses on duty
A Nurse Practitioner On-Call
Highly trained unlicensed staff who are CPR and First aid trained as well as intensive training regarding the specialized care of our children.
Music Therapist, OT, Art Therapists and Therapy Animals!

We Need Your Help To Make This Happen!
State of the Art Facilities
A Place for Kids Like Connor to Grow and Be Happy!
Help us spread the word....
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