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The Neolithic Period: New Stone Age

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Fergus Mc Brearty

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of The Neolithic Period: New Stone Age

The Neolithic Period: New Stone Age
1st Year History

The First Farmers
new people arrived in Ireland from Britain.
They were
and replaced the old way of the
They knew how to
grow crops
and they had tame animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and dogs.
They planted crops such as wheat and barley.
They used
to turn the soil.
Neolithic farmers used
stone axes
to cut down trees to create their own farms.
Evidence from the
Ceide Fields
in Co.Mayo shows us they split up their land by building stone walls (fences)
Neolithic houses were usually
in shape.
Timber poles were driven into the ground and stones were placed to keep them in place.
Walls were made from
wooden planks
wattle and daub
The roof was made from straw or rushes.
A small hole was placed in the roof as they done the cooking inside.
The Neolithic people built stronger houses as they built permanent settlements.
Tools and Clothes
In the Neolithic period they used tools and weapons made from stone.
They replaced the
on the tools to
polished stone
This made the tools much stronger and sharper.
They made clothes from animal skin and sheep's wool.
The art of spinning and weaving developed and dye was used to colour the clothes.
Burial Customs
The Neolithic people built tombs called
to honour their dead.
The three main types were:
Court Cairns
Portal dolmens
Passage Tombs
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