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Mudding is all about rednecks getting there trucks muddy

No description

colin mccary

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Mudding is all about rednecks getting there trucks muddy

What mud bogging is all about
Step 2
Step 1
I did my project on mud bogging because Mud Bogging contains all these crazy activities. Mud racing, mud dragging, mud running and of course Mud Bogging.

Step 3
And here's a video about mud bogging
See, in this picture a guy is mud bogging.
In this picture, these people are in a mud race. there are several trucks that are going to go through deep mud for a long distance to see who will win.
And that's what mud bogging is all about.
Here's a fact that only the GOOD old boys love, mud bogging, and that's a fact Jack.
Mud bogging is popular in canada and and in the southern United States.
Mud dragging is when a truck ties up to a heavy object to see how far there truck can go without spinning out. Here is a picture of a mud drag.
Mud running is all about were you have to run as fast as you can through the mud.
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