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Why are Jaguars endangered?

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Kaari Dreyer

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Why are Jaguars endangered?

Since 1900 64 Jaguars have been killed in Arizona. Pollution are killing jaguars because the smoke/smog can burn the grass which destroys their habitat. The population of Jaguars have not increased for 50 years. A couple years ago Jaguars killed seven dogs so now people see Jaguars as a large threat. Jaguars have been hunted to extinction in the U.S.
Basic Facts
Jaguars favorite place to live is in the tropical rainforest, but also can be found in swampy savannas and wet lowlands. Jaguars like soft ground and their den is made of: rotten leaves and other soft materials. Jaguars prefer to live alone.
Jaguars live in Southwest U.S.A., Central America and South America.
Where do Jaguars live?
Some people just kill the Jaguars just for their fur/skin, to sell. Some people don't even know they are killing Jaguars because they think they are just clearing land but really they are destroying the Jaguars habitat.
Why are humans doing this?

People are cutting down trees in the Amazon to make money off the wood but really it is killing the Jaguars homes. Jaguars are known to kill cattle so if a farmer sees a Jaguar they usually kill them. Humans are using slash and burn to clear land which is killing the Jaguars and their habitats. The pollution from buildings can burn the grass or kill the Jaguars. There are now only 15,000 wild Jaguars left!
Why are Jaguars endangered?
Jaguars started to become a problem
100 years ago when farmers started slashing and burning for more land.

shows where they
are present
People think this is good because they can make some decant money off of skins/furs and they think Jaguars are harmful to humans and their pets.
Possible Solutions
They can start a adopt a Jaguar foundation where you can name Jaguar and donate money for food. Put up fencing around where the Jaguars are and provide food and water. Put radio collars so you can track the Jaguars.
Why is this bad?
Jaguars help keep the rainforest from being over populated. Also jaguars keep all the bad animals and plants out of the rainforest.
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