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Career Fair Presentation: Human Resources Specialist

No description

Leanne Yeung

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Career Fair Presentation: Human Resources Specialist

By: Leanne Yeung
(Block: 1-3)
Nature of the Work Pt. 1
- The goal: to create a satisfying, productive, and cost effective work enviornment = must hire the best candidates for the job, and to keep the all staff motivated

Nature of the Work
- Human resources specialists also deal with making sure that all the employees are contributing to the financial growth rather than causing the company to lose money

- they also must make sure themselves to follow the correct laws when dealing with the employees
Education Information
-an entry level salary for a Human Resources Specialist starts off at approximatley $30,000 to $40,000 a year
- And with more experience, the income rises to the average of $40,000 to $85,000 per year
-In addition, some senior specialists earn up to $100,000 a year or even more.
-average salary: $53,000 to $66,000
Career Fair Presentation:
Human Resources Specialist
- Human resources specialists deal with: hiring, firing, training, and creating job satisfaction, with all the employees of the company that they are working with
Salary Benefits
-Human Resources Specialists receive benefits such as dental coverage, paid sick and vacation days, and contributions to retirement plans
Where are people
- Human Resources Specialists generally work for all industries, but mostly in large companies
- Other businesses and other organizations include accounting firms, hospitals, zoos, banks, department stores, and governments
Outlook for Future
-average salary: $53,000-$66,000
-unemployment rate: 2.0% by 2020
-approximate number of job openings in 2013: 700
-estimated demand for workers
in 2013: 13,800
Required Skills
- Clerical Ability

-Numerical Ability

- Detail-Oriented

- Directive

- Social
Working Conditions
- most time is put into using computers and working at a desk independantly at an office
-HR specialists also work along with other human resources staff, and interact frequently with all levels of the staff of the company
-sometimes travel to attend conferences and training courses
-example tasks:

interviewing people for positions,
completing HR business planning, involving corporate strategic work (budgeting, headcount reports and statistics, turnover data, and salary and benefits costs)
My Influences
I chose the occupation of a human resources specialist because this is the occupation of my mother, and I believe that this occupation may suit me as well. When seeing her work on 'Bring Your Kid to Work' day, I was pretty interested in this role.
I enjoyed that she had her own workspace (a large cubicle to work in) and that she interacted with the other staff really smoothly. This role is well respected in the office since she has a good capability of maximizing ways of improving the work environment. And since I have similar ways of thinking as her, I find that this role suits me too.
The materials that she works with is mostly based on using basic programs on the computer, and since my knowledge of using technology is more than her, I believe that I can handle the work.
I also believe this occupation is suitable for me since I enjoy interacting with others, and that I do not like to move around a lot.
this ad provides:
-background information on the company, and a list of current positions available
-under each position available, it generally asks for: The years of prior experience needed, details on the type of person that they are looking for, and the skills that are required
-contact information

this ad does not provide:
-the age of the applicant
-educational requirements
*but, you could contact the company for more information

length of course: 4 years
> 1st year: (2 terms X $2250/term) =$4500
> 2nd year: 4500 X1.03 = $4635
> 3rd year: 4635 X1.03 = $4774
> 4th year: 4774 X1.03 = $4917
*TOTAL: $18,826

>High School Graduation
>C+ in Math 11 and English 12
Education Information

-length of course: 4 years
> 1st year: [$7,104(Basic fee) +1654(Student Fee)
+ 1,760 (books+supplies)]/ year = $10,518/year
>2nd year: $10,518 X1.03= 10,834
>3rd year: $10,834 X1.03= $11,160
>4th year: $11,160 X1.03= $11,495
* TOTAL: $44,007

>High School Graduation, Grade 12
English, Pre-Calculus/Principles of Mathematics 12,
>interim average of 84% or higher
Basic Requirements:
Basic Requirements:
For this project, I used the sources provided in class (the Career Cruising website and the official website of WorkBC), and official websites of post secondary education areas (UBC and BCIT). For the websites provided in class, the navigation was very straightforward since there wern't as much complicated links compared to the post secondary websites, and also since I was more familiar with them. I consider the information from the websites that I used to be reliable, since the websites were official, and that they were based off of real people's personal experiences.
Screenshots of the ad:
Part 2
a sample brochure
the company that my parents works for
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