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News Literacy

Intro to web site analysis

Bretton Zinger

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of News Literacy

News Literacy The journalist's questions who?
how? How do you
know good sources
from bad? Rate the following
on a 1-5 scale,
with 5 being the
most trustworthy. NBC Daily Show But was it real? But journalists need to do more than that.
Just like consumers, they need ... whom can
you trust? Let's look at some specifics CNN MSNBC FOX News New York Times National Enquirer Washington Post US Weekly Wall Street Journal Hot 99.5 FM

National Public Radio Wikipedia WWW... Google News
Google search results
(is there a difference?) Facebook
Twitter What about ...? Your friends?
Your teachers?
Your parents? Questions the news consumer asks: WHO made this?
WHEN was this made?
WHY was this made?
HOW can I verify it?
WHAT is missing?
WHERE do I go from here? Now, check out your assigned website. how are you
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