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Flaming Bunnies

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of BORN CONFUSED

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Stereotypes against Indians Conflicts Empathy Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier Indians don't have sex
Indians smell bad;
Indians smoke pot;
Indian women are very curvy; Tone & Mood Tone is what the author expresses through the setting, dialogue and word choice. The tone of the book is insecure. the mood is pity for Dimple because she is really confused on who she wants to be versus how people see her. Symbolism Zara Thrustra;
Indian wear;
Chikka Tikka;
etc. Tanuja Desai Hidier was born and raised in the USA. She has worked as a filmmaker and a magazine editor. She now lives in the UK, where she is lead singer /lyricist in a rock band. This is her first novel. Setting India Fun Facts in the book, Hidier makes the reader feel bad for Gwyn, Dimple's best friend when Dylan dumps her for the lead actress named Kashmere. "Gwyn stared from one face to the other, confused as I was, hanging back and trying to look as if she'd meant to hop up for another reason, like her chair was on fire" (Hidier, 165). All About Dimple Lala India is the birthplace of chess. The original word for chess is the sanskrit chatvranga, meaing four members of an army-which were mostly likely elephants, horses, chariots, and foot soldiers Author's Purpose The author's purpose was to persuade the reader to accept who you are through Dimple's problems. Hidier teaches that accepting who you are will end affect you and the people around you in a positive way Dimple's changed Perspective at the end of the book, Dimple finally realizes that accepting you are is the best thing to do, not only for yourself but for everybody around you. it doesn't matter how people see you, it matters on how you feel about being...you. In the book, there are many conflicts. An example of a man vs. man conflict, Dimple is conflicting with Gwyn. An example of a man vs. society conflict, Dimple is conflicting with the Indian community. An example of a man vs. self conflict, Indian Dimple is conflicting with American Dimple. POINT OF VIEW The point of view is first person because Hidier writes in Dimple's point of view on situations. First person is when the auther uses I, me, mine and usually is a story about the main character. theme She also finally discovers her own worth and beauty (with the help of the drag-queen, Zara). She finds friendship with her parents and new love in the most unexpected of places. Finding oneself, falling in and out of love and growing to embrace new ideas. This story is about Dimple, a young girl who, in the begining of the book, hates her culture, because she can not relate to anyone. She not only has to deal with that, but she's also dealing with the confusion about finding herself, about being who she wants to be without worrying about what other people are going to think about her. Her tall, blond, beautiful best friend, Gwyn, is hanging out much less often, because Gwyn is hanging out with her boyfriend all the time now. And to top it off-- her parents are trying to set her up with another Indian boy in hopes she'll fall in love with him, but she can't stand him! Her set up date turns out to be a total failure, because the "perfect" Indian boy (Karsh Kapoor) isn't so perfect after all. Dimple doesn't think Gwyn will like the "Suitable Indian Boy." But she was wrong --Gwyn starts to fall in love with Karsh. But Dimple realizes, that she, too, loves Karsh. Plot Summary The theme of this book is accepting who you are. Dimple is confused who she wants to be, Indian Dimple or American Dimple. she ponders this a lot because she wants to be like Gwyn. She wants to fit in and be like Gwyn because Gwyn has it all. Dimple tries too hard that everybody notices, even Gwyn and Dimple herself when Karsh enters Dimple's life. Dimple is a 17-year-old American Indian and doesn't want to accept her Indian-ness because it embarrasses her. She is irresponsible because she does underage drinking, smoking weed and clubbing. the The setting is mostly in Dimple's home in New Jersey. it also takes place in Jackson Heights. and Talyer Schwartz Natalie Olaya Grace Chong Ty-Tiana Parker (Drama Bomb!)
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