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Lean Startup Total Connections concept

Business model canvas for Total Connections; A one-stop shop for SMEs, providing solution to all their telecommunication, networking and computer problems combined with a personal service and cost effecient operations.

Darryl Romijn

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Lean Startup Total Connections concept

One-stop-shop for complete solution to SMEs network and telecommunication problems.

Intermediary service to providers, freeing up their time to focus on their business and their goal.

Providing consultation, acquirement, installation, advice, support and aftercare concerning all their network needs, in a speedy, efficient and resourceful way.

Passionate, personal service. Value Proposition Customer Relations Channels Customers Segment Key Activities Key Resources Key Partners Cost Structure Revenue Stream Marketing. Acquiring partner network.
Website development, maintenance and management. Research and development.
Acquiring supplies and installation. Providing aftercare and customer support to create value for consumers.
Variable costs: utilities, transport, hours of installation. Customers would pay for the whole package for the time we would free up for them.
Services performed & unearned revenues under agreement of future services + revenues would come from royalties through intermediary service for suppliers & other companies Get - Advertisement, Tradeshows & Sem/webinars (TED)

Keep - Updates, Loyalty programs, Feedback

Grow- Upsell, pre-order on upgrades, discounts on active incentives. Social media & web aids + classic advertisement
Awareness through entrepreneurial organizations & websites
Use guerrilla marketing to showcase success stories of satisfied customers
Online service & office throughout the whole process
Awareness through partners: MyCom, Ziggo, KPN etc.
Start up companies.
Small-Medium enterprises.
Expanding businesses.
Customers that are not technology savvy or capable.
Customers suffering from old systems and hardware.
Customers that want to focus
on other aspects of their operations and business. Evaluation and estimation of customer needs and requirements.
Calculating and determining most efficient and effective solution for customer.
Acquiring supplies from partners and creating an integration plan alongside costumers.
Networking activities, such as signing partners and suppliers.
Research and development in terms of cost reduction,
service effectiveness and Employee knowledge and intellect.
Partner database and resource allocation.
Consultancy and evaluation team.
Utrecht Inc.
KPN & Ziggo
Utrecht Inc.
Dell, Microsoft
Centers for entrepreneurship.
Aatelco & other suppliers.
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