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bitcoin: digital currecny

Victor Haynes

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of INTRO TO BITCOIN

Apple Stock over the past year
Overcoming Bitcoin Risks
Understand when you are at risk
Organize wealth strategically offline and online
Backup and replace devices
Money doesn't grow on trees:
Understanding the bitcoin: an alternative currency


Value of Bitcoins
drastic changes in value
Future Currency?
finite number
becoming more accepted
easy to exchange
Disproving Doubts
Illegal activity
Lack of regulation
Multiple exchanges make the currency reliable
Defining a Bitcoin?
is a
: an intangible, digital currency
Alternative to physical currency
The most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrency
By: Victor, Josh and Ben
How do you get bitcoins?
Stock Market Comparison
can be:
Bartered (P2P)
A concise video - By Bitcoin.org
[Apple Stock Chart]. Retrieved on March 24, 2014, from: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=AAPL
[Bitcoin Price Chart]. Retrieved March 24, 2014, from: http://bitcoincharts.com/charts/bitstampUSD#rg360ztgCzm1g10zm2g25
check in on the value of bitcoin from time to time
actively read investing magazines/websites (FORBES is a good one!)
visit bitcoin.org to learn even more!!!!!
What can you do?
What we will cover
Defining a bitcoin
Video overview
Value and future use
Risks and doubts
Interactive Q&A
Next step
This year alone, the Federal Reserve budgets an estimated $826.7 million to print paper money.
Note Cost of Production
$1 and $2 5.4 cents per note
$5 10.1 cents per note
$10 9.2 cents per note
$20 and $50 10.2 cents per note
$100 13.1 cents per note
More Sustainability Facts
The average life of a Federal Reserve note depends upon its denomination:

$1 bill - 21 months
$5 bill - 16 months
$10 bill - 18 months
$20 bill - 2 years
$50 bill - 4.5 years
$100 bill - 7.5 years

For More Facts visit: http://www.federalreserveeducation.org/about-the-fed/structure-and-functions/financial-services/fun_facts.cfm
Resources Saved
According to usa.gov: Paper money is made from 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers.

Coins contain a range of metals. Pennies-
copper-plated zinc
Dollar coins-

Nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars are made of
What do you find most
interesting about bitcoin?

Is it a worthwhile investment
or is it too abstract/volatile?

Do you believe in its staying power?
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