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computer and work related safety

what you need to know

joyner mason

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of computer and work related safety

Computer and Work Related Safety Good Work Attitudes be positive
stay alert
complete all your work
analyze every situations
socialize a lot be freindly
work hard
be nice to all co-worker
and your boss
Causes of work related accidents Being Careless
not getting enough sleep
you are late for work and your speeding
not paying attention

computer Viruses and how to prevent them emergecy plans dont get discouraged
be helpful use the proper safety equipment
not asking for assistance

Have regualar drills for fires
tornados robbings
bomb threats
floods know where the fire alarm is
know where the fire extinguisher is
always have a safety room poorly designed equipment
lack of policy enforcement
mechanical failure
not doing the right work 1. visit a virus scan website and get your computer checked
2.search the web for your specific kind of virus
3.download and install any patches
4.run another virus scan install anti virus software
don't hack
don't look at porn
don't open spam
disable auto run
don't click on anything
Potential Abuses and Unethical uses of Computers hacking
creating viruses
Stolen Accounts
Black Mailing
Creating accounts
E-mail harassment
Cyber bullying By:Joyner Mason
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