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Soar to Success By: Lace Pickens

No description

Lace Pickens

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Soar to Success By: Lace Pickens

Reading Intervention Program By: Lace Pickens Materials Costs of the Program Advantages Concerns of the Program Additional Elements: Soar to Success *Soar to Success' main focus is on comprehension. It does not assist those students struggling with decoding issues.

*Soar to Success does not provide instruction in writing, spelling, or study skills.

*Soar to Success does not work as well when there are more than 7 students in a group. Expected Results * 18 Trade Books (7 Copies of Each Title)

* Teacher's Manual

* Instructional Posters (Graphic Organizers

* Student Guide (7 Copies)

* Staff Development Video

* Canvas Tote Bag
$1,675.85 Per Grade Level soar to Success contains 4 critical components outlined by the National Reading Panel & Reading First

* Phonics
* Fluency
* Comprehension
* Vocabulary * Soar reading was created for students in grades 3-5 who are below grade level. The program is expected to accelerate student's ability to read and increase their understanding of what they read. * Graphic organizers include visual representations & key concepts of the reading.
*The books are age appropriate books that include narratives and expository text of high interest.
*As the program progresses, teacher gradually fades in order to give students a feeling of independence.
* students receive continuous assessment through retell checks and oral reading fluency.
* The teacher's manual is highly organized and will aide as a helpful guide to the program. Lesson Structure: * Small Group (5-7 students)
* Lesson Length: 30-40 min.
* 5 Parts to Each Lesson
Reciprocal Teaching
Responding & Reflecting Background Information Soar to Success was created specifically for students in grades 3-8 who were functioning below their reading level.

It operates in a small group intervention setting that uses motivational literature, reciprocal teaching, and graphic organizers to assist in increasing student growth.
**Components of the packet may be purchased individually.
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