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Operation Undead: The Zombie Apocalypse Battle Plan

This is the plan that will save humanity when the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Michelle White

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Operation Undead: The Zombie Apocalypse Battle Plan

Operation Mooresville
Zombie Apocalypse Survival plan Guidelines #1. Avoid all creatures that look anything like this #2. Stay away from areas with only one way in or out #3. NEVER EVER go outside alone! #4. Don't worry about the law anymore, it's survival of the fittest. Steal if necessary, but DO NOT KILL PEOPLE! The more dead, the more zombies! #5. Keep an eye on your companions. People who can't cope with the stress will almost always go crazy. They will sometimes kill others and themselves. #6. Choose your weapons wisely. Always carry ones that will do the job quickly and carry quite a few of them. #7. Dress fashionably, but functionally. Trust me, you will not be able to run in six inch stilettos. #7. WINDOWS ARE NOT YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!! Zombies have habits of breaking through glass so choose a hideout that has few groundlevel windows. #8. Dress fashionably, but functionally. Trust me, you can't run in six inch stilettos. #9. Don't make a lot of noise. Zombies are attracted to noise so try not to use your guns a lot. #10. Always have a list of sacrifices on hand! Justin Bieber would do quite nicely as a sacrifice! :D #11. Start physical and mental training now! You need to be prepared! #12. Have food and water with you at all times! #13. Have a reliable home base #14. Dress up as a zombie. You have less of a chance of getting eaten or attacked, but always carry your weapons just in case! #15. Choose the fastest cars, don't let people tell you otherwise. A bike will screw you if you run out of energy and you can always rob a gas station. #16. For the love of God, always shoot twice to make sure THEY ARE DEAD. 16. Always have toiletries and medical supplies on hand 17. Go to Antarctica. No one will be there. Your biggest problems will be zombie penguins! Last, but not least: You can't beat em'? Join em'! Here is my zombie survival plan
in a nutshell! Step 1: Gather survivors! (Make sure Suzanna, Cheyanne, Marie, Michael, and, later, Zoe are among the ranks) Step 2: Hijack neighbor's Camaro or dad's truck Step 3: Raid the armory in town. Take army trucks (one person driving each if necessary) and take as many weapons as needed/wanted. (Make sure you have weapons from home as well.) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AMMO! Step 4: Head for the nearest gas station and then bank. Never know when you might need it! Step 5: Head for the nearest Walmart and baricade the doors! (Make sure to have an emergency exit and make sure store is cleared! Step 6: Make outdoor explorations only as necessary! THE END!
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