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Fashion Director

No description

Fashion Industry Dixon

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Director

Fashion Director
Fashion directors are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are directly associated to fashion coordination, management, and promotional activities
Fashion directors are also called fashion coordinators or creative directors
Fashion directors can work for magazines, advertising agencies, designers, or retail giants
Magazines, retail stores, photo-shoots, need directors for their vision and creativity on how they want everything to look
A fashion directors duties all depend on where in the industry they are working in
They make sure that the fashion line they are overseeing is unified and organized so that the marketing and promotions are a success
Can be responsible for creating the look of fashion shoots, ad campaigns, department stores, design houses, magazine ads, and other promotional and visual materials
A director working for a magazine will have different duties than a director working for a department store
Ability to spot trends
An eye for detail
Creative thinking
Strong leadership skills
Strong communication skills
Skills Needed:
Skills Needed:
Know how to translate your thoughts into a designs and displays
Quick decision making skills
Working with a budget
Managing teams
Tremendous amount of experience in the fashion industry
Career Ladder:
1. Retail associate or other jobs related to fashion
2. Assistant fashion director
3. Fashion director

Fashion Director Nina Garcia of Marie Claire
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Fashion Marketing
Pushing product and making the consumer want to buy merchandise
They can market collections for designers or create ad campaigns to get more awareness
They come up with a marketing package containing advertising, special events, public and media relations, videos and social media to increase the sales of that business
They make the brand desirable and determine fashion standards by reading about consumer trends
By knowing what trends will sell that determines what is going to be in stores and what will not work, on clearance racks
Skills Needed:
Knowledge about social media
Great communication skills
Quick thinking
Being current on trends and current events
Skills Needed:
Great leadership skill
Three to five years experience in the fashion industry especially knowing the marketing tools that are used to display and measure media in fashion
Self-driven, a people person, and very business-oriented
Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising can give you an advantage
Career Ladder:
1. Fashion marketing manager
2. Fashion marketing director
3. Vice-president fashion marketer
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Fashion Show Producer
The producer regulates and brings together everything needed for the show including location, models, staff, lights, sound, seating, and recording of the show
They are responsible for the creative and business aspects of the show
Creates and must stick to a budget
The producer also has to show up to all the dress rehearsals to fix any last minute changes to tweak the lineup, music, lighting and pace if needed
Being able to make decisions quickly
Communicate effectively
Good math skills
Plenty experience working in fashion shows
Knowing how to handle high stress situations
Having quick solutions
Skills Needed:
Career Ladder:
1. Having a job in the fashion industry or helping in a fashion show
2. Assisting for a fashion show producer
3. Doing smaller shows for example a department store or retail store
4. Working for a big designer like Chanel or Louis Vuitton
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Careers in the Fashion Industry
By: Arianna Dixon
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