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What EMS Funds in Schools

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Accessble IT

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of What EMS Funds in Schools

What EMS Funds
in Schools

Equipment to meet a students everyday living needs both at home and at school.
Equipment that can be used at home and school i.e. wheelchair, walking frame, communication device.
Funding of a second item for school where it is not practical or reasonable to transport an item (i.e. commode) between home and school.
Examples of duplicate equipment for school (where there isn't one already available):
toileting commode or change table
mobile hoist
NB. Only one standing frame can be provided which can be set up either at home or at school.
EMS-funded equipment at school is generally provided to enable everyday tasks to be carried out
i.e. hoist for toileting or a sling for an existing hoist.
Hoists with special features needed for outings, camps, weight management, or to get a person in and out of a standing frame or gait trainer are generally not funded by EMS.
Assistive Technology Guidelines - MOE
"Assistive Technology Funding (MOE) supports a students presence, participation/engagement and learning....specialist seating equipment including desks and chairs that are only used in the classroom (equipment that is not taken home)."
modifications to the school - ramps, ceiling track hoists, bidets, rails
equipment required for transport to and from school
equipment required to access the school curriculum - computers, internet access, printers
wheelchairs only required at school
equipment that is only needed at school and remains at school
Joint MOH/MOE Funding may be available for
a power chair with elevate to enable a student to access varying desk heights
a communication device which enables both face to face and written communication
possibly other items which meet both living and learning needs which cost more than $5000
EMS Funding of Second Items
Purpose of EMS Funding in Schools
MOE (Generally) For:
Joint Funding
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