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Ocean Soup

No description

Hyunsoo Moon

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Soup

Animals eat small parts of plastic. This can make fish die,
and what ever eats this fish can
die too. 86% of sea turtles are found with plastic in their body. 44% birds are found with plastic. 43% of sea mammals are found with plastic! Ocean Soup Decomposing time for the things Why is ocean soup bad? Ways to prevent ocean soup Fun facts about ocean soup How big and where it is located? Video about ocean soup It takes years to decompose plastic. A shopping bag can take 20 years. A water bottle can take 450 years! A fishing line takes... 600 years! So don't litter our beautiful ocean! Some scientists predict that some plastic will remain for thousands of years! There is 6 times more trash in the ocean than plankton! Every square mile in the ocean contains in average of 46000 trash pieces! In the Pacific ocean, trash covers about double the size of the United States! Over 500 billion plastic bags are used each year! That's more than one million bags in a minute! We make more than 250 million tons of plastic every year! Do not use single use food utensils!
Do not buy plastic CD or DVD cases! Use
Internet music sites instead. Never throw trash at the beach. Try not to use plastic bags in a mall. Get your own reusable bag!
Do not use plastic water bottles! Try using reusable ones! Volunteering for beach clean up helps! There are two major places where ocean soup is located. Around Japan, and around Hawaii. It grows in amazing speed! In a second, 8 football fields of trash is filling up the ocean! If it continues to grow, the whole ocean will be a land of trash. You learned that water is important. Right? So don't trash it! There already is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean made out of trash. It is called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a short YouTube video about 30 seconds long! THE END Thank you for watching! What is ocean soup? Ocean soup is a problem in the ocean. People litter plastic and cans in the ocean. That's why it's also called plastic soup. This causes ocean soup. Did you know... Making plastic around the world uses 8% of the world's oil! In the US, about 60 million bottles are thrown away each day! More plastic has been made in the last decade than during the entire last century! 100,000 marine mammals and 1,000,000 seabirds are killed each year!
All the trash you throw in the toilet ends up in the ocean, so if you are throwing stuff in the toilet, you are making ocean soup. Plus, you are wasting water! A few small surveys -Do you throw trash like water bottles in the toilet?
-Do you want to swim in the dirty, gross, plastic filled ocean? (If you say yes, well, do it!)
-Do you want to eat a fish with trash in it? (If you say yes, well, do it!)
-Do you want to play in "Trash Island?"(If you say yes, well, do it!) BYE BYE! Why would you care about ocean soup? It's nothing! Ocean soup is bad! Let's clean up this mess! What kind of person are you? BY: HYUNSOO AND EISA Don't litter in the ocean! Again, thank you for watching! I've changed! It's about time! Have YOU changed?
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