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Outreach to the Blind at a Public Library

No description

Kara Krekeler

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Outreach to the Blind at a Public Library

Get the Word Out!
Welcoming the VIPs
Starting Questions
Who is the community?
What are their information needs?
What are the barriers?
How can we help them overcome those barriers and enjoy the library?
Kara Krekeler
Science and Technology Librarian
St. Louis Public Library

Kathleen Gallagher
Reference Librarian
University City Public Library

Talk to the people!
Create some plans
Don't Stop There! Keep Going!
Outreach to the Blind and Visually Impaired at a Public Library
Research, Research, Research!
U.S. Census Bureau
The Association of Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies
Professional literature
The Association of Specialized
& Cooperative Library Agencies
Wolfner Talking Book & Braille Library
Local Organizations
Wolfner Talking Book & Braille Library
Local Organizations
Look at Existing Library Environment
What Can Happen Now?
What Can Happen in the Future?
Links to Resources
Application for Service
Online Catalog
Richard Smith, Director
Accessibility Tipsheets for Several Communities
Online Courses & Webinars

Who is coming into the library already?
Who is the library already serving?
Who is in your community?
Senior centers
Health clinics

Find them, talk to them, get their ideas!
What can Wolfner do for me?

Tell me how many Wolfner patrons are in my area
Help with targeted marketing efforts
Make Braille and audio copies of books available

Wolfner Contact Information
Professional Literature
Insight into barriers and information needs
Ideas for programming
Staff training ideas
Focus Group: The Missouri Firing Squad
Screen-reading software & Screen magnifiers
Instruction on downloadable e-books and audiobooks for iPads and tablet computers
Braille on audiobook cases
Mouse-free computer instruction
Staff training tips (experience blindness!)
Navigational tours
Best ways to contact them
American FactFinder allows you to simultaneously search several Census surveys by location and various descriptors, including age, sex, and disability.

Check out the three-year American Community Survey estimates on disability characteristics.
Existing Library Environment
Chain of Command
University City Public Library
Starting Point:
LSTA – Missouri State Library Summer Library Program
“Grants to…enhance opportunities to reach underserved summer populations.”
2011 - The Summer of War and Peace
2012 - Have a Misérables Summer - Read with Us!
2013 - ??????????????
But We've Already Got a Summer Reading Program!
Don Quixote - Dreaming Impossible Dreams Together!
How Do We Make This Dream a Reality?
Reading Program Components
A book
Some book discussions
Cultural programming/enrichment
Easyread large print
Easyread super large 18pt.
Easyread super large 20pt.
Audiobook on CD
Downloadable audio
Talking Books from Wolfner
A Book
Have multiple meeting rooms available for discussions, in case a smaller group works better for a visually-impaired person
Some Book Discussions
Cultural Programming and Enrichment
Los Flamencos St. Louis
Storytime for Grownups: Bobbie Williams
Storytime for Grownups: Eleanor Mullin
Print Publicity
Go Online
Print Publicity
Newsletters & Posters
Prepare all print materials in large print too; display near large print books
Wolfner can distribute information to their patrons in your area via email and snail mail
Go Online
Talk it up on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and anywhere else you have access to.
Make sure you ask your partners (Wolfner, local organizations) to do the same!
Does your library already have outreach services to the elderly? Ask your outreach coordinator to let those patrons know about your programs too!
Braille Labeling
Staff Training
Screen-reading Software
Braille Signage
Braille Labeling of Audiobooks
Inexpensive Label Maker & Tape
Intrepid Circulation Staffer
Braille Translation Website
Stay tuned!
Staff Training - Scheduled
Screen-reading Software - Planned
Braille Signage - Planned
Keep talking to your local organizations to get their feedback and ideas!
What Else Does Wolfner Offer?
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